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  1. GT GT 4 piston calipers and rotors

    still available? lets check the shipping to Doral, Florida.
  2. MPG

    What does this stand for?
  3. MPG

    This has been the best MPG I have gotten so far, cruising at 65-70mph A couple of weekends ago:
  4. Ford moving towards custom orders, away from huge inventories

    Down here in the Dominican Republic, you can only "custom order" the current gen. of the Mustang GT. If you want to buy from the dealer's inventory your options are Ecoboost and Ecoboost.
  5. Do you eat inside your mustang?!

    Welp I have a base V6 with fabric interior. I use it as an excuse for not eating and not allowing anyone to eat inside the car... However, I do smoke cigarrettes with windows down and AC off.
  6. Kansas PP1 center gauges

    Thanks, let me do a quick search!
  7. 3.7 Exhaust Options

    Hi, I currently have cheap ebay X-pipe, Flowmaster super 10 and some glasspacks for axle backs. Sound is mellow with little drone in the 1800 to 2500 RPM. Next will be the install of BBK shorties :)
  8. Kansas PP1 center gauges

    Is this compatible with 2017 base V6?
  9. What's the top speed for the v6?

    Hi everyone, I've taken my V6 (just once, other pulls were up to 190Km/h or 120Mph and 200 Km/h or 130ish Mph) here in DR up to 218 Km/h or 133 Mph. Mine is an "export only" version of the car. Due to stock tires and suspension it felt way too unstable so haven't tried it again... and now...
  10. 2015 Mustang V6 Exhaust Sound Clip Thread

    Hi everyone, Wanted to share this setup, at the moment of the video car had the following: - Flowmaster super 10 in place of the mid muffler - Akrapovic glass pack style resonators and tips
  11. Introduce yourself!!

    Aw man, are these type of businesses allowed over there? Here they build them with a bar, restaurant and some even add karaoke and live music: Cheers!
  12. Introduce yourself!!

    Nice! I haven't tried anything from GM yet. So I don't have anything to say on it... However, with Ford both my wife's Explorer (over 200k miles now) and this Mustang I'm still surprised how good the cyclone engine is!
  13. Introduce yourself!!

    LOL. My one and only issue with the current generation of Camaro is visibility...
  14. Virginia BMR JACKING RAILS used great condition

    Thanks for the quick reply. Regards, Guillermo
  15. Virginia BMR JACKING RAILS used great condition

    Hi @hemistar1 Is this still available? Is the price firm? Thanks, Guillermo
  16. Illinois MyFordTouch screen, APIM, USB - $100

    Is this still available? Thanks, Guillermo
  17. Rear Parking Sensors How to Find Them And Compatibility with Base Model

    Hi everyone, At the moment I got my car I was unable to change any options as it was already customized for the dealer (Viamar in Dominican Republic). Ever since, I've been trying to find OEM rear parking sensors to add them to the car for ease of mind when parking (both wife and I use it...
  18. Introduce yourself!!

    Hello everyone, I'm Guillermo from Dominican Republic. I've been browsing the site for quite a while and have learned a lot. My car is my 1st Mustang: 2017 V6. Which I was able to get new at a very good price considering how things are down here. So far I've installed an Air aid CAI, did a...