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  1. 2020 GT 6spd: First trip to the dragstrip with 4.09 gears

    That’s interesting, it’s very possible that they added it for ‘21 my since the Mach 1 received it. What RPM does it hold during the shift?
  2. 2018+ Mustang Mach 1 Official Bumper Swap info and Parts list.

    Swap looks amazing Dude! I didn’t know you were on here, I follow you on IG and was just about to send you a message about all that went into this swap👍 Been looking into this for a while but had sticker shock at the prices lol, glad to see someone like you (who pays attention to detail) do it...
  3. T56 swap and Magnaride

    Can it be modified to accept that 6 pin sensor?
  4. T56 swap and Magnaride

    Well that sucks! No way would I delete magneride to swap to a T56. I’d bet there’s a way around it but nobody has put the effort into finding it yet.
  5. favorite mustang engine sound?

    4.6 (2v, 3v, 4v) with x pipe and Borlas or magnaflows, just can’t beat those motors for sound imo.
  6. Ford moving towards custom orders, away from huge inventories

    I’m sure this will knock out “the deal of the year” prices that some people are able to negotiate on on cars but I’m glad to see Ford and hopefully others going in this direction, it just makes more sense. It’s a more sustainable business model.
  7. Project RATTLESNAKE: Building A Better Swing / Gurney

    Yeah I’m liking the looks of that!
  8. 2020 GT 6spd: First trip to the dragstrip with 4.09 gears

    That’s not true, they didn’t specify in the pamphlet but Ford apparently chose to only put it on the ecoboost cars. I have a 2020 GT/PP1 mt82, 401a car and can confirm there is not a no lift shift feature at all. It’s not in the track apps, not in the settings anywhere and doesn’t activate in...
  9. Post Your Day 1 vs. Now Mustang Pics

    That looks really good 👍
  10. RAPID RED S550 MUSTANG thread

    🔥🔥🔥 More pics?
  11. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    I thought so since I hadn’t read of it but figured I’d ask. Thanks for the reply 🙏
  12. Flat foot shifting

    Not true unless there’s something special you have to do to enable it. I have a 2020 and I NLS it quit often and there is DEFINITELY no modulation from the computer between shifts, it bangs the rev limiter any time I NLS around 7k.
  13. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    2020 Mustang GT premium, PP1, mt82. Wondering If there is a “no lift shift” option that can be activated in through forscan in these cars? I know is was talked about when they came out and now it’s standard on the Mach 1s so I’m hoping it’s buried in the files somewhere on the GTs and can be...
  14. PP1 Wheel Spacers

    This! Guys if your doing wheel spacers on PP1 magneride cars then get 25mm rear and 30mm for the front. The front studs are to long and the reliefs in the back of the wheel to shallow for a 25mm spacer to fill the gap. I put the Steeda 25mm spacers all the way around on my car and ended up...
  15. Best long tube headers?

    That sounds awesome 👍
  16. As of 3/1, Beefcake will phase out all offroad headers. :(

    Im not talking about factory cars here, I’m talking about big boy horsepower builds (and yes I support 1500+ hp cars being driven on the highway) So your telling me that cats can consistently handle these 1000+ Hp builds with no need to worry about them blowing out and clogging the exhaust...
  17. As of 3/1, Beefcake will phase out all offroad headers. :(

    I agree, but it’s the “give an inch they take a mile” principle. once they see you’ll give something up just to have them leave you alone then you’ve effectively given them all your rights, it’s just a matter of when they decide to come take the next freedom. On top of that, on high horsepower...
  18. As of 3/1, Beefcake will phase out all offroad headers. :(

    I don’t put much effort into trying to change the mind of someone who’s been brainwashed, just not worth my time.
  19. As of 3/1, Beefcake will phase out all offroad headers. :(

    It’s really sad that all of these companies won’t band together and stand up to this nonsense, just shows how greedy they really are imo.