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  1. Oregon QuickJack 5000SLX(New Condition)

    I can say i love my set of quick jacks they are awesome. this is a good deal
  2. NEW SYNC 3.0 Build 20204 Nav Android Auto/Apple Carplay

    Nav is separate from sync updates, but i think the most current version of nav is 1.16 there is a site to buy the update for the maps but i cant think of it off hand
  3. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    Has anyone had problems getting applink to work on android? i have a note 9 connect it to bluetooth and disable android auto enable applink and it dont find apps at all on my phone i know i have some that work with applink but it dont find them at all
  4. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    Yes the apim is MFT so you cant get sync 3 you can add nav to a non nav MFT if you want will need a map card. The ACM is independent of the apim you get that if you want HD radio or Sirius or both, its complicated if you're going to make you're harness but Hextalls550 makes conversion kits for...
  5. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    Just completed this swap Big thanks to Hextalls550 without this thread i would have been stuck buying from one of the upgrade websites. he even checked the vin of a car i was looking at to see if it had nav that i was looking for. Very standup guy I the apim i got was out of a 2018 F250SD dont...
  6. S-l5002


  7. Pics


  8. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    Check and see if you have the cable running from the apim to the screen i think thats the touch screen cable
  9. 8" screen for 17 Base GT

    you can do the sync 3 swap somewhat cheap get hextalls550 makes a kit to make that happen can even get nav if you want just more Money, he makes a harness to let you run aftermarket subs too look in this thread its details it all out...