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  1. LMR SVE GT350R replica wheels fitment on GT350R

    No, I went the standard set and mounted the 305 on the front 10inch wheel.
  2. LMR SVE GT350R replica wheels fitment on GT350R

    I have a set of LMR SVE 350R wheels as well on my R. I went with 305’s all the way around.
  3. Struggling... Upgrade my 2016 Tech Pack to Track car, or sell/trade and buy 2016 Track Pack or 2017 or newer model

    I had a 2016 Base GT350 that I installed Track Pack OEM transmission cooler and external pump. This set up worked great and car never went into limp mode at the track after install. I took off the kit when I traded my car in. I would be willing to sell the complete kit for $800. Kit includes...
  4. Best mice deterrent for winter car storage?

    I’m curios on what you guys use for best mice deterrent during winter storage?
  5. How much Camber with BMR bolts only?

    How much did you have in stock configuration? So what is your total now? Are you getting even tire wear at the track?
  6. How much Camber with BMR bolts only?

    How much camber can you get with BMR camber bolts only? I don’t have camber plates and I’m curious how much camber you can get with just the bolts. Anyone have experience? I’d like to get -1.75 to - 2 in the front. My reason for this is the bolts are a much easier/quicker install than the the...
  7. Transmission Oil Cooler Part Find

    I traded my car in at a dealer for my current 350R and wanted to return my car back to stock.
  8. Transmission Oil Cooler Part Find

    The brackets do not come off the cooker. I bought one for my 2016 base Shelby that did not have a transmission cooler. I took it off before I sold the car and I still have everything and would probably sell it if interested. I have the the lines, pump, cooler, switch, and fuse which is The whole...
  9. 17/18 350R vs. 19/20 350

    I have had both a 2016 350 and currently 2018 350R. I think the R is just as comfortable on the street as the non R. Normal mode is a really comfortable suspension setting for the street. As mentioned above, the cup 2 tires are not good for the street so buy a set of street tires and wheels is...
  10. 2020 GT350R accessories

    Jaeger Brothers for the front mud flaps. I have them on my car and they are barely noticeable and protect from rocks being flung on the car.,%20GT350R%20Splash%20Guards,%202%20pc%20set,%20Front%20Only_654.html I have expel...
  11. GT350 FORScan Tweaks

    Is there any way to keep the splash screen on as a screen saver when driving?
  12. Rear Camber Adjustment

    Thanks TJ
  13. Rear Camber Adjustment

    Can the rear camber be adjusted to the track recommended settings with all stock parts or is a rear camber adjustment kit needed? I see that Steeda offers a rear camber adjustment kit. If you have experience adjusting the rear camber, please let me know.
  14. Anyone know who will mount tires on CF wheels in Cleveland area?

    Great to hear that you got a good deal locally!
  15. Anyone know who will mount tires on CF wheels in Cleveland area?

    Nice, magnetic is a great color on the car. That’s neat that it matches your truck! I previously had a 2016 that was magnetic with black stripes before I traded it in for my R.
  16. Anyone know who will mount tires on CF wheels in Cleveland area?

    Jim Call Automotive Excellence in North Royalton. I think they have a highend touchless mounting machine. I’m going to call them this spring. Let me know what you find out. Nice R by the way. I have a 2018 same color combo. Where did you find yours at? I bought mine from the Chicago area.
  17. 350R owners who purchased SVE R350 Wheels

    I’m looking to purchase a set of SVE R350 wheels to have a street set of wheels instead of running the carbon fiber wheels and cup 2 tires on the street. These wheels are set up to have 19x11 in the rear and 19x10 up front. LMR says the 19x11 will not work up front due to back spacing. I’m...
  18. Ohio SOLD!!! PP1 wheels, michelin ps4s tires, center caps, Tpms sensors, lugnuts $1050 o.b.o.

    Are these still available? Inquiring for my uncle who lives about 1 hour from Dennison.
  19. Steeda Magneride Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Springs

    Cup 2 tires will last about 4 Track days for front tires and 6-7 Track days for the rear tires. I have 2700 Miles on my R and 3 Track days and the fronts will probably last one more Track day. The street doesn’t seem to wear them too bad but they wear much faster at the track compared to the...