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  1. Got good news

    Florida morning sun
  2. Got good news

    You will have yours soon my friend ......
  3. Got good news

    Sun Glasses for the Dragon completed

    Antimatter Blue Rules but the two tone tan seats make it the Dragon
  5. Got good news

    Nice I wish we could have kept them all
  6. Got good news

    thats crazy that is what I traded for the 2017
  7. Got good news

    Thanks T !!!! Your ride is a Bad ass silver Rocket... me saying Good By to V6 wanna be
  8. Got good news

    10am Florida overcast
  9. Got good news

    Last night at house and this morning at work ....Loving every minute of her
  10. Got good news

    Thanks I can’t wait to push the peddle
  11. Got good news

    Will have to do my own detail
  12. Got good news

    It’s going to be a 5.0 day
  13. Got good news

    Ohhhhhh yes I will be driving soon after a wash
  14. Order timeline questions

    This has been MyTimeLine AND ITS KILLING ME !!!...I drive by every day just to see if there is a truck with cars.....
  15. Ford tracker website

    I still haven’t seen mine and she has been on the way for over two weeks :(
  16. Got good news

    I went up there to see if it was there . Salesman said it’s a green tag it’s already sold /Preordered...... I was making sure !!! Lol plus I put 1000.00 diwn
  17. Got good news

    I hope because it’s on the list to be delivered this week
  18. Got good news

    I think the Dragon is near !!! / it’s somewhat posted on the dealerships website!!!!! So excited
  19. Yesss! She’s in production today!!!

    It’s going to be epic when you sit in it !!!! I am so excited