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  1. carbon fiber wheels brake temp

    has anyone looked at the effect of carbon fiber wheels on brake temps? the aluminum wheel would act as a heat sink whereas the cf one probably would not
  2. Alignment problems?

    what you are describing is bump steer. my money is on the shock
  3. Steering feel and accuracy improvement

    strut brace and k brace helped with mine. also i found the p zero neros to be rubbery feeling
  4. Need Sway Bar Settings Recommendations S550

    i suspect if the bar only had 2 holes one could have an intermediate setting with one side connected to the anterior hole an the other side connected to the posterior hole.
  5. Lowering springs

    this from the swift website
  6. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    perhaps these are a happy medium between the squishy base mounts and the expensive/complicated/sometimes problematic spherical bearing mounts-a set of which i just chucked in the garbage due to noise
  7. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    found this pic of the fr damper. you can barely read it, but the numbers printed on the mount end in s550 same as the ad 1123 part number. ie its the one with the black top.
  8. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    in retrospect it puzzled me why the ford racing rear dampers came with mounts as these were already present on the car and are very easy to install. it may be they are a higher spec mount. if anyone could confirm which mounts come on those dampers that would be helpful.
  9. Rear Upper Shock Mounts

    rockauto has two different part numbers listed for rear upper shock mounts. fr3z18a161a or b. the b part number has a black top as opposed to the silver/aluminum top on the a part number which is on my car and probably most everyone else's. the b number is a little cheaper. does anyone know...
  10. New J&M Products Rear Shock Mounts Available Now

    the j and m mount has an exposed bearing. i live in the midwest with pretty harsh winters. will this survive from a corrosion standpoint?
  11. FP Track Handling Pack

    the notch appears to be there to clear a studhead on the underside of the shock tower. in reality it clears just fine even on the sides without the notch so i dont think it really matters. also read this thread on installing the bearings...
  12. Installing gt350 wheels on a gt pulling right

    switch the front left and right wheel and see if it pulls to the left. sometimes you can have a ‘heavy tire’
  13. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    thinking it through, there must be an optimal tbr for a given application. drag racing probably would do best with 100% or essentially a fixed axle. taking turns on a track would need less. the mustang being a mixed use car probably falls somewhere in between-a compromise. this could mean it...
  14. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    havent heard back from torsen about this yet but i did find a link on torsen website about friction modifiers digesting it it seems likely that slick 50 would decrease diff temp at the expense of impairing the diffs ability to limit slip
  15. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    i just emailed torsen and asked them about adding slick 50. im awaiting a response.
  16. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    it looks like from the video it would be an all or none phenomenon. either the spur gear could turn the worm gear or not. if it could not then we should be good. as an aside, the torsen is really a beautiful piece of engineering. after i saw the video i wanted one.
  17. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    yes i saw that but it also says it can be used in an open diff the only way it could cause a torsen to malfunction is if it dropped the friction so low that the spur gear could turn the worm gear which i think is unlikely. in any case its a quick and easy experiment with little downside. i would...
  18. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    one time i poured some slick fifty thoughtlessly into a motorcycle crankcase forgetting it had a wet clutch. the clutch would slip under hard acceleration. had to drain it and put in new oil. so the stuff is pretty slippery. i suspect if you used it on a clutch pack lsd it would cause problems...
  19. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    it would be interesting to pour a can of slick 50 into the diff to see if that decreases temps
  20. Suspension Upgrades for Daily

    mount the strut on the car and lower the car to the ground once the weight of the car is sitting on the strut hat you should be able to torque it down with a regular socket and torque wrench also this video may help