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  1. Official colors for 2022 GT500 released! Grabber Blue is back!

    thePill might be back after all… 😉
  2. S650 Mustang to use unique platform with elements from CD6

    I am no longer in touch with anyone in the industry or media... BUT... The S650 was developed along side the S550. To be honest, the S650 is simply all the lightweighting and improvements the S550’s target price couldn’t support pre-2015. The future of the Mustang will likely be based on 3...
  3. Spied: 2021 Bullitt Mustang Refresh?

    Mach prototype using the Bullitt as a base, good eye guys...
  4. 2021 Mustang Refresh Spied!

    I can’t come back. Once the segment began to slow down and American/Canadian jobs were at stake, there was nothing more to say. I wish the product didn’t need to leave production. As for the Mustang, I always leaned toward a 10 year run BUT, I didn’t see the sudden shift away from cars. Maybe 2...
  5. 2021 Mustang Refresh Spied!

    The final refresh... We got everything we wanted out of the S550 except a Twin Turbo V8, KR and a 50th Anniversary GT500. Mach 1 looks like a done deal. Expect the nose to drop next generation. 2024 for a MY25.
  6. Mach 1 for '21MY electric 2-seater after the gas version, Mach 3.
  7. Official 2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang Press Release, Specifications, Photos & Videos

    I guess you don’t need 800 if you can do it with 700... It is nice.
  8. Estimate the 2019 GT500’s HP. *Poll*

    I say 680hp/630tq
  9. Leaked: 2019 GT500 5.2L Supercharged Engine Wiring CAD Diagram from Ford!

    There were serious doubts there would be room for PDI under a traditional roots type charger. Ford waited for an "upside down" design (which was just announced) because nothing would work... It STILL didn't work... Maybe 750hp but I have serious reservations as to IF it can break 700.
  10. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    800+ hp is very, very doubtful... Not a fan of the upside down supercharger. Not a fan of superchargers on Track and Road cars to begin with. Not pursuing an EB V8 (regardless of MSRP) is a big mistake.
  11. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Designing a supercharged V8 doesn't take 2 years, but look at what Whipple had to do to accommodate a dual brick intercooler. They had to flip the entire supercharger upside down. As stated, Fords new PDI doesn't leave room for traditional root-type superchargers. The issue was clearance for the...
  12. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Whipple's new "Flipped Brick" supercharger for the 2018 GT. A GT500 making over 808hp will need internal coolers and be 3 liters for sure. But... it is an Ecoboost V8 so. Just FYI, traditional brick-in superchargers...
  13. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Notice Whipples new SC design? They had to flip the supercharger upside down in order to clear the PDI system. Also notice, no intercooler bricks on the Roush/FP 2600. As reported, no intercooler bricks within the V like last year. Both the Port and Direct Injectors caused clearance issues...
  14. Ford Performance Roush 5.0L V8 Supercharger for 2018 Mustang GT Announced at SEMA

    As reported. The new Port Direct Injection will not permit intercooler housing in the V. Both the Direct and Port Injectors now rest where a traditional supercharger's intercooler a once did. Whipple had to redesign the entire unit and opted to flip the supercharger upside down (literally)...
  15. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    As reported, traditional roots-type superchargers would not fit the new Port Direct Injection system. Whipped designed an "Upside down" unit and Roush/Ford developed an "Off-set" system. Here is what Whipple had to say about the new Port Direct Injection. "The [other main] issue was the...
  16. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Two different cats were being tested. We have photos of two Mustang's, both with covered brakes, one had a very, very unique scoop. One is the 2019 GT350 and the other is a 2018.5-'19 GT500. The scoop is for two turbos mounted on top of the engine in a "Hot V" configuration. Like BMW's and...
  17. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    Testing again this week, both 2019 GT350 and 2018 GT500. GT2 is nearly finished final testing. An R Package for the GT is still possible next year ;)
  18. 2019 GT500 Mustang New Spy Video, Pics, Info

    More than one vehicle, one is possibly a Voodoo. Likely a PDI GT350 for 2019-'20. Sorry, no 2019 GT350 section for '19 testing. The vehicles are together.
  19. 2018 Mustang Order Guide

    No R Package yet?