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  1. Wingless GT350R?

    I'm with you... I remember reading the post and seeing the photo(s). They were also talking about the fact that there were no holes in the trunk to attach the wing. I searched and was not successful... didn't spend that much time though.
  2. Prices are on the rise......

    I can help... I am fluent in Internet Forum Gibberish Babble. ***Translation*** You see, what I am trying to say is what I'm saying, which accurately depicts what I intended to say when I was explaining what was said during my explanation of what was actually said.
  3. Installed mercedes style AC vents, thoughts?

    How did you get the GT350 display on the screen?
  4. oil leaking from rearview mirror-rain sensor maybe?

    Rain sensor…? You GT guys have all the cool gadgets! There is about a dozen things you folks get as an option that we don’t. Here is a list of all the cool stuff we have that you don’t: 1: Flat Plane Crank VooDoo 2: Uhhhh……….. there has to be something else? The S550 is one GREAT Mustang...
  5. Bad News!!!! Bline motorsports catless

    I think your guessing...! My 1970 Pontiac had a VIN, and Pontiac did not make cats for any 1974 and older vehicle... none of the manufacturers did.
  6. GT350 Recaro Seat Modification for Tall Drivers?

    Yes there is a mod for this. You are going to need a DeLorean and quite a significant bit of non-OEM parts, or a friend with a Ph.D. and crazy hair who happens to be in a local DeLorean car club. Once you achieve your destination, find a midget (Insert Politically Correct Term) and introduce...
  7. Just for Fun - Real Life Shootout - Ford Mustang GT Vs Porsche 718 S

    Great Thread OP; I believe you will have a lot of folks waiting to see your impressions on back to back driving comparisons... myself included. I am currently contemplating a 718 GT4 as well. No room for both the GT350 and a GT4, so I will have to pick one. Currently have a Cayman 718 and the...
  8. GT350 Recaro Seat Modification for Tall Drivers?

    My method worked perfectly, and required no vehicle modification... . . . . . . . . . . . . . Have shorter parents... I'm only 5'-9" SHORT-PERSON DISCLAIMER I'm actually 5'-8 1/2", but most of us shorter folks round up
  9. Street racers....go to the track

    The owner of this car is surely a Twat Waffle*....!!! *COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER The ingenious phrase of "Twat Waffle©" is the sole proprietary ownership of nastang87xx and shall not be used without recognition to the original legal owner of the phrase.
  10. Random thoughts.......................

    When I was born, they were using "Preparation B" ...............!!!!!!!!!!
  11. GT350 owners that like the car

    I've followed Doc in his GT350 in the twisties up in the North Georgia mountain roads... his driving skills are impressive and his actions are really smooth. He makes it look effortless!
  12. GT500 dual clutch tremec auto vs manual trans opinions

    It's all opinions and personal preference... there is no right or wrong answer! Anyone who gets miffed at someone else's opinion has no understanding of the meaning of the word "FORUM". Both trans options are great and we are living in the greatest true muscle car era ever...!!!!
  13. GT350 owners that like the car

    How completely childish Bob and I would never do that... said no GT350 owner ever...!!!!!
  14. GT500 dual clutch tremec auto vs manual trans opinions

    I believe Wolvee nailed it...!!! I have yet to track either of my vehicles, but I believe the track time would be a LOT of fun with the DCT. My previous take on the two was for city driving.
  15. GT500 dual clutch tremec auto vs manual trans opinions

    I shall change my user name to Spielverderber.
  16. GT500 dual clutch tremec auto vs manual trans opinions

    I prefer the manual in my GT350 to the PDK in my Cayman by a long shot. The Cayman (2021 GT4 excluded) is not, and never will be in the same class as the GT500, but the specs on my GT350 and my Cayman are fairly close. The PDK becomes boring too quickly and too often. The Tremec NEVER becomes...
  17. GT350R pre-runner edition??? ummmm

    That GT350 is owned by my neighbor Cooter... here is his truck:
  18. Official GT350/R Mustang Owners Registry

    Great Photo... a pair of Flat-Planed Crank beauties...!!! Is that a 2014 Italia?
  19. New on this forum thing =)

    Welcome & I predict you and EmCel are going to get along just fine...!!!!!!! HPDE =High Performance Driving Event