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  1. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Those a-holes left 2 messages on my answering machine yesterday within 3 minutes of each other. I own a 21 & a 20, how come they are still working.
  2. Mach 1 - Take it and sell OR leave it?

    I've had both, I kept the Mach 1. That was my choice.
  3. Strange noise from transmission.

    I listened to that a few times, shit ain't right. Get it to the dealership and get it checked out. Mine shifts great in all 6. Good Luck
  4. Nanny control warning red leds.

    1) Thanks for the link, 2) happened 15 miles into a 30 mile drive. At least now I know what it is. Always maintain my lane.
  5. Nanny control warning red leds.

    When it starts to DING LOUDLY, yes.
  6. Nanny control warning red leds.

    I was being real, this has happened to me three times and I have never been close to nodding off. This is my third newer Mustang and have never seen this before. 2017/2020/2021.
  7. Nanny control warning red leds.

    What about the message that shows up on the dashboard informant screen displaying a cup of coffee stating that you might need a rest break. What is that all about.
  8. Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    My input, I had a 2020 GT500, saved and waited a long time to get it. The disappointment of all the issues, problems, secret factory fixes crushed my soul. My expectations and what I actually received no where near matched. I kept hearing war stories about all the problems that people on this...
  9. Old dealership photos

    First 429 off the assembly line.
  10. Old dealership photos

    The blue one is a Boss 429, price that out.
  11. Finally A Mod

    Mine are on the way, this was a great find. :sunglasses:
  12. 2020 GT350R - How to stop the loud BLAPPITY BLAH! at startup?

    I left for work at 1:30 AM, had to do something.
  13. 2020 GT350R - How to stop the loud BLAPPITY BLAH! at startup?

    This is the Correct answer, always worked for my 350.