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  1. Reverse beeping noise

    Ive been working integrate electronics for 40 years, if a speaker makes a noise, and recieves it's signals from a wire, absolutely, easy peasy
  2. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    Since a fuse, over current protection will blow from the closest short which causes an increase of current above it's rating. Question: Have you physically ohm the wire(s) from the fuse all the way back to the disconnected plug?
  3. Ford performance Carbon fiber hood vent

    I heard Cargo shipping companies raised their prices on shipped containers from like $3800 to $18,000. Now maybe American companies will start making quality parts back here in the USA instead of the cheap Chinese, international made crap they have been force feeding us for the last 30 years...
  4. Reverse beeping noise

    This winter when I install a micro single pole switch to be able to turn off interior lights when doors are open, I will also connect one in the rear speaker beep signal wire so when ever I want to just turn the Beeping off by itself I can. Good luck
  5. Ford performance Carbon fiber hood vent

    An English Major, OK, I see what were working with here lol
  6. Ford performance Carbon fiber hood vent

    I think One Word Sums this up: CHINA MADE
  7. Ford performance Carbon fiber hood vent

    You can't polish out defects made when laying the weave. That's under the clear coat. Return it.
  8. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    That is who I am going with, Wengerd. Good luck
  9. QUESTION: Tun Off Interior Lights?

    Ya you are definitely right. All defunk companies usually have one major reason for their demise, they let accountants make them change design to save a few dollars, Like the Single horn on my 2019. They saved probably $5 on each car trey sold.
  10. QUESTION: Tun Off Interior Lights?

    I don't want to deactivate the interior lights when the door is open. I will go on and put a Micro on-off switch under my console inline with the interior light fuse power. Then when I work on my car or store it for winter and I am always in and out of the car for moda, I can just flip the micro...
  11. QUESTION: Tun Off Interior Lights?

    Hey. On my 2019 Mustang Gt Premium, Does anyone know how to turn the interior lights off with doors open?
  12. Is it normal for a steering wheel to do this on a "stiff" car on certain roads?

    1970 Plymouth Satalite Huuummmm? Let me think. O' Ya, I was 18 and I bought a 1970 Plymouth Sport Satellight with a built 440 Magnum engine, 4 speed transmission , Aluminum heads, hooker headers, 4 speed, a Tunnel Ram and a 850 double pumper, Positive track rear differential running N50 series...
  13. Is it normal for a steering wheel to do this on a "stiff" car on certain roads?

    Unless you have an older model, My 2019 GT Premium has an (EPAS) The EPAS Connects to everything related to steering, ABS, Stability Control ETC. Electric Power Assist Steering, It will not be like old school days of Directly linked to the front steering by the way of Hydraulics. ( 1. Power...
  14. Is it normal for a steering wheel to do this on a "stiff" car on certain roads?

    If it has Electric Power Assist Steering, then Yes.
  15. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Hey, Are you from Indianapolis? I live in Fishers and thinking about installing a G3 this winter myself. Let me know
  16. What is wrong with you guys??

    People who sell any product knowing they are screwing people by hoping their will be someone who doesn't know what a FARE PRICE is. This forum is to help educate people, build trust between members. Trust what members say is 100% true with no bullshit. I see people all the time paying $1100 for...
  17. What is wrong with you guys??

    I'm tired of seeing people screw other people. I don't care if they research the price or just give you undying trust in hopes your not screwing them. Are you by chance reseller or car salesman. Just Scum with a lower approval rating than Congress. Carma friend, Carma. It will be will come your...
  18. She's thirsty.

    E85 is equivalent to about 100-110 octane and depends on the quality of the E85 and about 30+% loss in mileage. But, high performance engines love it.
  19. Anyone Install a VIS CF Terminator Hood?

    Hey, I was wanting current thoughts from members who have installed a VIS Performance Racing carbon fiber Terminator Hood and rear Wing. Thanks for your help.
  20. Reverse beeping noise

    It definitely Beeps LOUD!!. Doesn't The Rear Cross Traffic Avoidance work on that system?.