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  1. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    This makes more sense as you are distributing the force for the most part evenly across the whole lid while using the lid width as the strength, its similar to having a large fish tank (150Gal. or higher) using a 4 legged stand is not recommended unless you put a 1" board for it to sit on to...
  2. New 2021 GT500 - thoughts on break-in

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Break-in period per ford for the GT500 is 200 miles not 1,000, But I followed the 1,000 mile personally with all my cars and then did an oil change after, and the salesperson is incorrect that the computer will not allow you to do full power until 500 miles. I...
  3. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    And if this follows the same patent/copyright infringement law that is on software, then it use to be stated that any software that had a 20% change in coding was no longer considered the original code and was not subject to copyright or patent infringement. So I would check to see if the same...
  4. Taller CFTP Wing standoff options ?

    I have an interest in this too.
  5. GT500 Official Outdoor cover

    So your buying me this for Xmas since your worried about my car and the weather huh? :D
  6. GT500 Official Outdoor cover

    Sure if I want to live alone :D Or I'd be living in the car. I'll be good, its got to go the dealership as well to fix quite a few things which I was waiting until the cold weather and my service guy keeps my car indoors no matter what, so it will be protected most of the season until Spring in...
  7. GT500 Official Outdoor cover

    And neither is the ginormous capsule they sell, I looked into that, but this again is a short term. I plan to look for a house next year when they aren't trying to rape buyers and looking for a 3 car garage, but as for the winter the double cover in my driveway or if I can use the garage again...
  8. GT500 Official Outdoor cover

    Well the cover is only going to be used in the winter, I have my cover from my '16 CS that I use currently for the fall since my neighbors tree is shedding alot, so to block it from piling up on my vents and then remove it to drive it, when winter hits I'll throw the new cover on if my neighbor...
  9. GT500 Official Outdoor cover

    I dont have a garage (as seen in the pictures), last winter and hopefully this winter it will go into my neighbors garage, hence the need for the outdoor cover in case I cant use her's, and even if I can it still will be protected.
  10. Adding to my Shelby GT 500 Collection

    $20 (Brand new unused)
  11. GT500 Official Outdoor cover

    Greets all, There was a post about the car covers, especially the outdoor cover, well since that post is buried and didnt want to dredge up that post, I figured I'd make a new one in case anyone was interested. As I made a mention about a month The outdoor cover was nowhere to be found, so...
  12. Rear Seat question

    Yes they pull down and the strap is there (Base models only), it could be the strap might have been folded back into the trunk which is why you dont see it.
  13. Luggage Space

    Yes and if you need more the backseats fold down.
  14. 2021 GT500 Extended warranty options and pricing

    Yes but the prices before 1/6/21 were so much better, they went nuts after that, and he's in Texas so he should be fine getting it on his own if need be direct from Flood Ford.
  15. 2021 GT500 Extended warranty options and pricing

    Sorry mean nothing by it, but you guys are so late to the party, these are the numbers directly from Ford, no dealer, I cant see how a dealer can get better prices then these...
  16. Adding to my Shelby GT 500 Collection

    Nah those days are done, I use to own 3 vettes (C4, C5 (Still own), C6), then I traded one in for a jeep Overland and the other I sold. No point in owning multiples when I only can drive one at a time :D If that was intended to me, nope it popped up on my feed on ebay and did a search and...
  17. Adding to my Shelby GT 500 Collection

    Just found this mug on Ebay, apparently these were dealer promo cups, considering My Dealer was in Iowa, I had to take matters into my own hands :D
  18. #UCK ME - ouch

    Actually its 4 layers according to my dealership auto body and my personal auto body shop I get my work done at.
  19. Finally..... an apology

    Well unless you purchased something with that email address or signed up for something, or when you purchased the shelby or even if you financed the car and used the email address, they found you :D Going to take the survey tonight.
  20. Finally..... an apology

    I got the survey yesterday and in the survey it said something about providing a token of appreciation, which made me do a double take not knowing what this token was, until today when the envelope arrived.