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  1. New Nitto drag radial released NT555R2

    The good thing about these is the nt555r did not come in a good 17 in wheel size.I think it only went up to a 275.These new ones come in 305/45 and 315/35 17.If they hook like the old 555r's and have these new sizes it will be great.
  2. 2018 Mustang Whipple Stage 2 - A10 Transmission & Converter Build Time

    I think thats more in the valve body lead frame then the convertor.Circuit problem
  3. STFT2 stalls out intermittently

    Is your car running lean??I had stop working at the end of a pull and lund told me it was because my fuel system was maxed out and the fuel trims could not make adjustments fast enough.Dont know how true thst is.Also do you have 02 extensions on??I have seen them get corrosion in the connector...
  4. Built Motor Failure - After 1000 miles??

    Absolutley,i have my car miss and sputter with the fore hat and 2 pumps on a hard launch with 1/4 tank of gas.If i am having fun or racing my car i keep atleast 1/2 tank or damm close to it.People can guess on hear for days but without a data log you will not know what happened and engine...
  5. 6r80 Down, need recommendations

    Yup thatz the name i was thinking of!!
  6. 6r80 Down, need recommendations

    I would not mess with power power hour,bought a rebuild kit and the filter they sent me waz from china.The neck was so flimisy i was scared it was going to crack when trying to seat the filter.Well it didnt seat and after changing out the fluid and other things i needed to do the filter ending...
  7. Pennsylvania Feeler: My 3.55 Auto PP1 loaded Diff for your 3.15

    I have a 315 rear and my car has 6k miles on it.I live in MD,let me know if your interested can do the labor for both.
  8. GT Boost box omega with fuel pressure sensor

    Damm man why go back to stock??
  9. Another Case for Billet OPG and Timing Gear.

    I was refering to guys bottoming out the install bolt,their have been.few cases stated on this forum where that has happened.Also there is been guys break harden bolts but i believe it was taking the dampner off.If i were installing an ati balancer which i just helped my buddie do his whipple...
  10. Another Case for Billet OPG and Timing Gear.

    Thats why you dont use a crank bolt to tighten down an aftermarket balancer.You use a balancer install tool.Using the crank bolt you dont know if the bolt is bottomed out or if the crank pulley is all the way on,also take a risk of breaking the crank bolt off.When i put my stock balancer back on...
  11. Procharger Stg2 Idler pulley rubbing

    No problem man,that pulley hitting could be causing some noise,not sure how loud it was or if you could hear it over the blower.
  12. Procharger Stg2 Idler pulley rubbing

    Hmm mine is a 2017 gen 2 and your pulley dont look like mine.
  13. Procharger Stg2 Idler pulley rubbing

    Do you know what year crate motor you have.
  14. Procharger Stg2 Idler pulley rubbing

    I think you either have the wrong stock idle pulley or its turned around the wrong way.
  15. Procharger Stg2 Idler pulley rubbing

    My pulley is plastic
  16. Procharger Stg2 Idler pulley rubbing

    Here is mine your stock idler pulley looks different then mine
  17. Procharger Stg2 Idler pulley rubbing

    Ok i dont get home until 4 but i will take a pic of mine and post it up on here for you.