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  1. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    Absolutely this. And in most questionable cases it would be absolutely trivial for Ford engineering to come up with a possible failure scenario due to modification. Beside all this - anyone that saw the guide for dealers on warranty claim on modified cars (it is or used to be available in...
  2. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    There's several threads / youtube videos (search Exhaust mode selection not available) but if no one posts, I'll have car on quickjack early next week and will post it. Harness P/N below (for both sides you need two), price off my order from Levittown. JR3Z-14A411-H Mustang Active Exhaust...
  3. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

  4. Diff Fluid Discussion

    Most likely means it works. 99.9% people here (including me) can't tell difference one fluid from the other. It may make some difference in wear, but unless you take it apart, you don't know. Also for most usage, they probably do not need to replace fluid ever.
  5. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    In my case, both harnesses had bare wire right by the plug (blew fuse, replaced passenger harness, blew fuse again, as emergency measure slapped some tape on a driver one, replaced fuse again that I promptly blew), then driver harness.
  6. 3030 Autosport wheels

    You can get Forgelines for that money.
  7. New LMR SVE SP2 Wheels (PP2 Replica)

    Exactly. Looks like any other of the 5000 SP2s square setups - like the one I've posted in this thread about two years ago....
  8. Ewheels Road Course Build

    They have lock out plates at inboard mount (and rubber bushing btw although it probably doesn't matter much) but the eccentric adjustment bolt at the outboard mount is very painful to get to with suspension loaded / car on alignment rack (and requires flat 1/2 inch wrench that not everyone has)...
  9. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    You ready to file a lawsuit over $40 harness ? Because that's when you need to go with Magnusson-Moss if warranty claim is denied. People keep repeating it like it's magic spell that immediately bring all service advisors into compliance.
  10. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    How my wife says when I say something really obvious to her - I am familiar. I've changed both harnesses and fuse three times. But anytime harness shorts it blows the fuse. Also - car has 22k miles. Real problem started after installing H-pipe (honestly - didn't pay too much attention...
  11. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    Why would they not deny it ? Often H/X-pipe causes exhaust to sit father out. Given how quickly you got the message after installation, it's fairly safe bet that it actually did cause the harness to rub through against the body. Hint - harness is ~$40 from Levittown. Fuse (which is what really...
  12. Inquiring a 2015 Mustang GT

    Sync 3 can run Apple Car Play and Android Auto (2016 cars needed change of a USB hub for Carplay). My Ford Sync (2015 Premium cars) cannot. Also, good point by Cobra Jet on the evap core. Very common failure, happened on my 2015 as well.
  13. Inquiring a 2015 Mustang GT

    They're as reliable as any other year but 400A and up had My Ford Sync rather than Sync 3 in '16+. Not sure if that matters (and you haven't said what trim the car is) but that's main difference IMO.
  14. New never used Continental Extreme Contact Tires

    The tire you have is DWS06, not the Extreme Contact Sport that is shown on the pic from Tire Rack.
  15. S550 fomoco track package brakes

    Exactly - so the weight penalty is going to be larger than quoted above - since the brakes there are GT Base / Eco PP ones (4 piston front).
  16. S550 fomoco track package brakes

    Doesn't Ecoboost base have yet another version of front calipers ? I though Eco PP has GT base front brakes.
  17. Move from 19 to 20 inches?

    Did he name reasons ? It's heavier with less good tire availability. People do it mostly for looks.
  18. Similar gains in HP/TQ ?

    Without a tune it would give you nothing - if I understood your question correctly.
  19. Thinking of going from a GTPPP to a GT350, not SRSBSNS but will autocross - input?

    Good to hear. Absolute nonsense to left those cars out.
  20. Thinking of going from a GTPPP to a GT350, not SRSBSNS but will autocross - input?

    Current proposal BS to FS : Mustang Shelby GT350 (2015-18) NOTE: The 2019-2020 GT350 has been left off this initial list due to the availability of the handling package and the overall rarity of those model years but is requesting member feedback on the possibility of adding those model...