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  1. Science is now cancelled?

    I honestly have no idea what your point is in wasting your time dissecting these articles. You aren't even assessing the actual paper. At my college we would have weekly discussions about a research topic and we would dissect the paper no matter how dense to extract information from it. You...
  2. Science is now cancelled?

  3. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    Time is definitely in my favor. It is a nice watch and I really do want one. Just called all of the shops and im SOL lol, only choice I have now is to bend over and spread my cheeks for the secondary market, or wait 5 years for the 55th edition see if I like. The stores told me that they sold...
  4. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    Just called all the boutiques in my state and a few nearby and its all the same. There is a list for the deposit and a long waitlist. Looks like I missed out in this one, damn. So my only option realistically would be the secondary market?
  5. BREITLING, ROLEX, TUDOR, OMEGA, anybody into high end watches?

    I just saw this from a video on YouTube. Legit had no idea this came out. This is probably the most beautiful watch I have ever seen 😍 The blue and white contrasting is prefect (I noticed that none of the blue seamasters have a white dial. They are either gray or white/black) Normally I...
  6. Science is now cancelled?

    I can only speak for myself and I don't spin or twist, I try to make sense from what you say. You are perfectly capable of spinning words and twisting them on your own lol Wow it's almost like the vaccine actually works, the decrease in deaths are not from natural immunity :cwl: The vaccine is...
  7. Science is now cancelled?

    "The crew" are the only ones who read your posts 😘
  8. Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    Not all bullpups are made equally. Don't tell me your one of those Ian Mccollum type of dudes 🤣
  9. Glorious PC Gaming Master Race

    Why would you buy the F2000 lmao :cwl:
  10. Science is now cancelled?

    If he came out and said the opposite than people would him a fraud... Oh wait.. That already happened 😂😂
  11. Science is now cancelled?

    Follow the science 😂
  12. Science is now cancelled?

    Where did I point out that naturally immune was equal to vaccine immunity? Re-read it. I put a greater than sign, not an equal to sign 😄
  13. Science is now cancelled?

    I don't even know why you continue trying to prop up natural immunity and justify it with random articles. The data has shown that Naturally immunity + Vaccine immunity > Vaccinated immunity > Naturally immune + no vaccine immunity > unvaccinated. The biggest study (Israel study) looked at some...
  14. Science is now cancelled?

    The spikes on the virus are not all genetically identical? Lol that doesn't even make any sense. You do realize that the only difference between the original strain and the other variants are the different amino acid sequences on the spike? Your body only cares about the epitope (located on the...
  15. Science is now cancelled?

    You say that as if its some new revelation or conspiracy 🤣 Doctors don't wear masks during surgery to protect themselves 😂
  16. Science is now cancelled?

    Hmm so you say that you no longer trust the authorities but are now are using them to make a point? Hilarious that you are using the WHO of all organizations to get your point across, I thought it was already settled that they were in cahoots with China. Guess that only matters when its...
  17. Science is now cancelled?

    The authorities don't recommend it so obviously it works. Just follow the money 😂
  18. Science is now cancelled?

    What agenda? That the case with Thalidomide is somehow relevant to the discussion about the possible long term effects from the COVID Vaccine? Lol thats a huge stretch and just shows how far some people will go to draw a comparison which is hilarious. The biggest fallacy with that logic is the...
  19. Science is now cancelled?

    Wow so when you saw a deformed baby your thought was "that must be a side effect?" Big brain logic right here 😂
  20. Science is now cancelled?

    Drinking dihydrogen monoxide fuks with cells too 😃