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  1. Diff Fluid Discussion

    Wow. Back in August I bought the Motorcraft stuff from Rock Auto for $18/qt.
  2. Wingless GT350R?

    I swear there was a post about another wingless R on this forum a while back. Supposedly the R wing is installed somewhere other than the initial assembly plant, as are the wheels.
  3. Extended Warranty

    The GT350 is purchased directly from Ford. It has nothing to do with Shelby American other than the licensing of the name and badge. If you buy a Mustang GT and then send it to Shelby to make it a Super Snake then yes, naturally it would be excluded.
  4. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Ahhhh Laguna Seca. I will make it out there one day with my car....
  5. Rear Differential Break In

    I don't see a conflict. The most likely explanation is that the dealership mechanics failed to properly index the pinion, driveshaft, or any of the internal axle components (likely all of the above) during the gear and pinion replacement procedure, which led to the horrible vibration I...
  6. Rear Differential Break In

    Are you sure the vibration is driveline related? I would want to be quite sure about that before tearing into the differential. It just seems odd that the diff would cause a vibration. The driveshaft or pinion sure, but the diff seems odd. I had the dealership replace my ring and pinion on my...
  7. Rear Differential Break In

    What happened to your diff?
  8. Trouble finding oil filter

    Ahhhhh okay. Makes sense. Its a good time to take advantage then. Mine came with three free oil changes I think. But since I don't trust dealerships I asked them if they could give me the oil and filters instead and they said no :frown:
  9. Trouble finding oil filter

    There is certainly a shortage of the oil filters, but the larger context is the lack of the oil filters at a reasonable price. I'm sure your dealership can hook you up with a filter, but they will probably charge you a pretty penny for it.
  10. Trouble finding oil filter

    Yep gone are the days of $21 FL-2087s on Rockauto.... :frown:
  11. Trouble finding oil filter

    My local dealer wanted to charge me $42 :giggle:
  12. Carbon Fiber steering wheel recommendations and impressions wanted.

    My goodness those wheels are THICC..... Is it possible to get dimensions similar to stock?
  13. Trouble finding oil filter

    Here is the link but sadly out of stock. I may have bought one of the last kits a few weeks ago As far as 17-18 compatibility vs 19+, as long as your car has the cartridge style filter then there...
  14. When did GEN 2 service replacements start getting swapped in?

    If the engine was replaced 7/18 then it is unlikely that it has an engine from the 2019+ model years.
  15. Trouble finding oil filter

    Yup there is a shortage nationwide. I managed to get one in a kit from Kmanparts which included 10 qt of Motorcraft 5W50 which I needed anyway. You can probably find one at a dealership if you call around but you will pay $$$$
  16. When to change brake fluid on a street use GT350??

    You can monitor water content by using one of these: If you do not track it, the fluid isn't...
  17. Fl-2087 oil filter

    I switched to the 2087 at my first oil change. I use Motorcraft 5W50. Pressures went up significantly (~20+ PSI) across the board (including warm idle which is around 45 PSI with the 2087). Cold start is around 125 PSI and warm throttle around 100 PSI.
  18. New license plate available for Wisconsin drivers.

    Pretty sweet. I wish Maryland had more options. Aside from the regular white one all we get is an ugly orange farmer's plate and some crap about saving the Chesapeake. Texas has so many different designs. It is crazy.
  19. My GT350 was harpooned by a kayak paddle

    Hey man, I don't make the rules. Take it up with the Prince of Canada :giggle:
  20. My GT350 was harpooned by a kayak paddle

    I once ran over a pizza delivery sign on the highway at 70 mph (one of those that is strapped to the top of the delivery car). I think it was Dominoes. This was in my 2012 GT and I also couldn't get out of the lane so I straddled it. Dented one of the exhaust pipes on the way through. Luckily...