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  1. Glasses drawer

    Well mine reads, Arm MGs, BP shield, Tire spikes, and Smoke screen. The wife ejector button is on the shifter.
  2. Glasses drawer

  3. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    So you deny human-caused climate change? Or you just don't think the situation is that dire? If the former, we're probably at an impasse (hell we probably are anyway), but I tend to trust people who have actually studied geology and climate science their whole lives... As well as my own...
  4. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    That's almost funny. I started looking at the 4.6L Mustangs and ignored the 5.0's. My police car was a 92 Crown Vic with a 4.6L at the time, and it ran like a scalded cat. I figured the lighter Mustang GT with a 4.6 had to be bad ass. Good thing I took my time and did my research.
  5. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    I disagree, the rank and file everyday hemp clothes wearing, Prius driving, national park hiking liberal cares about the environment, because he believes the lies of power hungry, super rich elites told through an agenda oriented bias media. Most power plants are coal fired and coal is...
  6. Mustang Week is no more after 2022?

    Well we just had our last Knob Creek machine gun shoot and military gun show. Packed was an understatement. Same with MG shoot and show. The owners are just tired and would like to retire or at least scale back to normal daily operations. For the right price they would sell the place and let...
  7. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    Now that's the kind of electric power I can appreciate.
  8. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    Damn! I'm too late for the global warming, climate change, it's all my fault fight. I've had over 60 years of experience to throw in that fight. Guess I'll just have to stick to the lost 10 horses. Hope somebody finds the poor things soon. Maybe they ran over to the GM ranch. I hear their horses...
  9. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    A 10 hp and 10 fpt sucks and is no big deal at the same time. Now back in the early 70's when a 375 horse engine dropped to 150; now that was some scary schit. I don't like it, but it's a manageable loss.
  10. "2022" Mach 1's

    I would say that all you guys that got 2021 Mach 1's in any color are lucky, and of course they are dropping my favorite color😢
  11. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Yeah! What he said. After Les's procedure, I have to admit that I'm way out of their league, so didn't even try to wash my car. Of course it rained all day too.
  12. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Okay, so now you're gonna have to tell us your secret on how to get that shine. Beautiful cars by the way. I love the 33 Ford. You ever make it to the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, Ky.?
  13. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Because no one would order the stickers. I know I wouldn't, but I'm cheap.
  14. Mach 1 vs PP2 Rear Spoiler

    The only time I've ever seen heavy traffic on the WK PKY was after the solar eclipse. Hopkinsville was ground zero, and the WK was the best way to get to and from there from the east. The rest of the time, traffic is usually light.
  15. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Wow Thumpa, you finally got it, It looks sweet too. I remember seeing a lot of red 69 Mach 1's back in the day. I wanted to by a used red 69 Mach 1, but it was just a little out of my reach back then. Still looks great.
  16. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    Dang. Now I have wash my car again.
  17. Mach 1 vs PP2 Rear Spoiler

    Point and laugh.
  18. M1 has 5 miles and I did this!

    I was never a big fan of loud exhaust. Always being content with what ever it sounded like. If it didn't add power, then it was a waist of money. I got active exhaust because that's what was on the PP2 that I found at a price I could afford. Now I drive around in sport 90% of the time.
  19. How I got to my Mach 1

    I have to agree Thumpa. Both my 70 Challenger, and 85 Z28 were test driven before I bought them. There was just something special about seeing the 2 Mustangs I bought for the first when I pulled in on the dealer's lot. I didn't know if I was going to like Ingot Silver on my 13 Mustang GT, but I...
  20. PP2 Registry

    Do they allow any modifications such as bolt on chassis stiffening in stock, or would that be modified?