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  1. Sleeved motor build

    To max out the P1X or any centri for that matter, you're going to need some engine RPM. Plan on valve springs at minimum. A thousand horsepower, 8,500 RPM and stock valves is not a good mix. You should look into valves if the budget allows.
  2. Sleeved motor build

    Here is my cyl head setup. BES cnc ported gen2 castings, Ferrea valves, ti retainers, PAC 1234x, ARP cam cap bolts, ARP 12mm headstuds, comp stg 2 blower cams.
  3. About to find the limits of stock.

    Things must be different in Chicago haha
  4. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    I can see there being pressure differences across the rev range with different types of forced induction at the same peak power range. But in theory at peak power the back pressure would be the same across the kits for a given horsepower. It would be interesting to see how a PD kit and centri...
  5. About to find the limits of stock.

    Either approx 700whp or something holding you back. Been on the dyno?
  6. About to find the limits of stock.

    What was the 1/8 mile et and mph?
  7. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    When you say 3in for supercharged coyote, must elaborate a bot more. 700hp or 1200hp? The requirements would of course be different.
  8. Exhaust Pressure Testing

    Nice work @engineermike ! Any plans to change hardware based on data?
  9. Pilot bearing removal?

    It might! Ive seen and heard of folks using all kinds of materials with varying success. I always use the slide hammer tool.
  10. Pilot bearing removal?

  11. M/T 28X6X18 front runner air pressure?

    And it would look tiny.
  12. DIY Supercharger?

  13. About to find the limits of stock.

    I think that is a bit high. Ive been 142mph on 685whp. What transmission do you run? That may help with recommendations for the items you mentioned.
  14. M/T 28X6X18 front runner air pressure?

    Its a big ol tire. If MT made that in a 27in diameter that would be perfect.
  15. Drag Tires IN STOCK @ Beefcake Racing!!!

    I grabbed me a fresh set, thx beef!
  16. RoadCone 3.8L Whipple!

    Atta boy
  17. Opinions Wanted Mickey Thompson Drag Radial R 275/40-17

    You haven't posted enough info for anyone to assist.
  18. Delivered! Don’t touch!

    Anytime i buy a new car, i say multiple times if someone drills the bumper i will back out of the deal.