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  1. 18-21 Mustang GT Grilles

    Not a good pic, but the only one I had on my phone. Ford Performance Bullit Grille set.
  2. Spark Plugs

    You may also want to swap coil packs just to rule that out as you wait for a plug.
  3. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    I had a 17 RS for a few years. It is a very fun car and much more practical. But I always felt the RS was lacking in power. It had very inconsistent power delivery. If you want to get into tuning and some bolt ons, I'm sure it will help. It's really just a much different car. Head gasket...
  4. Procharger Coolant Tank Question

    Oh ok, makes sense. Thanks man.
  5. Should Ford rename the Edge?

    I'm pretty sure the Edge is on the chopping block anyhow.
  6. Procharger Coolant Tank Question

    This is on a PC Stage II carb kit coolant tank for 2018+. Are these holes supposed to drilled out larger on this tank? Or is this done intentionally for flow control? I thought there was a restrictor in the stock line, so I questioned this. The large bottom bung is completely open. Not the...
  7. For those looking for HP wheels....

    If anyone has pics of these or the OEM M1 wheels on a PP1, please share.
  8. Problems with Steeda

    Steeda is usually on top of their game. In fact, they helped me out when I had issues with another vendor. I’m sure they will straighten everything out for you.
  9. Upgraded tensioner for SC Coyote Curious if any of you SC guys are running this upgraded tensioner? I know some kits come with their own tensioners incorporated into the system, but not all do. Is this something worth doing initially? Or is this kind of a waste if your not...
  10. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    Stupid question, but are we going by the cars build date or the engines build date? In some cases, the engine is built well before the car. Either way, I finally managed to avoid a recall. 11-15-19 build for me. Hope they don’t expand the date range. I feel for those affected.
  11. Ford Racing Sway Bar (rear) weird fitment

    A week or so ago someone else had issues with theirs. There was a thread on it, but it turned out to be normal. I don’t recall any trouble with mine, but I don’t have a 350. The bracket I did have to swap upside down. Some guys just cut off that ear.
  12. I bought from a major supplier a set of clear tail lamps.

    If the vendor cannot offer any advice, I’d start with a wiring diagram. That way you can tell how they are supposed to work. Then you can compare to the factory wiring. You may only need different connectors. You could probably find them online somewhere.
  13. Coolant color/compatibility

    Yellow can mix with the orange, but I don’t think gold can.
  14. S2000 Crash at 110 MPH on track

    Yea could have been a lot worse. Glad he walked away.
  15. Ford track pack sway bar install issues

    I will need to check mine, but I don't recall having any issues with it. I will double check it. I did have to flip around the brake line bracket, but that's minor.
  16. 2020 Mustang GT Premium PP complete engine failure at 1800 miles

    Call the Ford hotline and open a case. Start there. You should 100% get a new long block at that mileage, if the motor is indeed damaged. And they should offer up an extended warranty if they do put an engine in it. Sorry to hear all this. Keep us updated.
  17. A10 in wife’s new Explorer vs Mustang A10

    Not at all to be perfectly honest. Sometimes they are a bit harsh in Track mode, but I honestly don't use that mode much. The shifts in both the Raptor and ST can be harsh in normal mode, but that's a rare thing. Have you tried resetting the adaptive learning? Supposedly the transmission...
  18. A10 in wife’s new Explorer vs Mustang A10

    I have the exact opposite opinion. I love the 10 speed in the Mustang. No complaints. I always drive in S+ mode. In the Raptor my A10 didn't feel great. Regular mode was too dull and sport mode was too much. In the Explorer ST, the 10 speed is very much like the Raptor was. It is improved...