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  1. SHOW ME YOUR STRIPES for Convertibles - What do you have or have planned??

    I failed to post pics of mine, here. Got them done back in Feb. Very happy with them.
  2. Hotel w/Garage in Knoxville!

    The Tennessean is supposedly VERY nice, and has a garage. It is downtown by the Sunsphere. The hotel next to it WAS a holiday inn, and is being remodeled/rebranded, I think. It may be worth calling the Tennessean and making sure the garage is still open. The Crown Plaza downtown also has a...
  3. Knoxville Tennessee

  4. Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH for 2018+ Mustangs?!

    Thanks! I am not on IG, but you are welcome to use them. The first and last were The middle one is Here is one more from Killboy that came out well.
  5. Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH for 2018+ Mustangs?!

    Yeah, I was thinking them being a touch lighter would work out better with them being shaded. Even still, yours look great too!
  6. Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH for 2018+ Mustangs?!

    Finally did the deed. FYI, these are Nitrous Blue. I originally ordered blue, but they were quite a bit darker than Velocity. Nitrous is a little lighter than Velocity. Not perfect, but I am pretty happy with the color. I still need to trim a little of the rough spots from the grille cutouts.
  7. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Some pics from Ponies in the Smokies Dragon run.
  8. For Those who have an A10 GT.....2018-2021

    Man, I get a great driving experience every time I drop the top and listen to the exhaust sing as the A10 works it's magic and the wind blows through my......over my scalp.
  9. For Those who have an A10 GT.....2018-2021

    LOL...that reminded of this for the ricer boys. Sorry for the off-topic. Sounds like a Five Speed.
  10. For Those who have an A10 GT.....2018-2021

    You can wear driving goggles and a scarf. You can also use your free hand to load and play old LP records instead of CD's/MP3's while you drive. I understand the LP sound provides a more intimate experience. Imagine vette owners--green with envy--because they have no back seat space for a...
  11. Ponies in The Smokies?

    I live 45 minutes away, but probably not going to make it. Sounds like a bunch of folks are up there!
  12. For Those who have an A10 GT.....2018-2021

    This. It's situational, If out of town for an extended period of time, you can start it and shut it off from your phone to keep it "stirred up". Not to mention warming up it up, inside and out, before a cold weather commute.
  13. For Those who have an A10 GT.....2018-2021

    Same here. Mine occasionally makes some weird whining noise since it was new. Ford says it is the fluid pump and is normal. 22k miles and no problems. Late 2019 GT PP vert. I love it!

    Finally went with stripes on mine last week.
  15. Switching from e85 to flex tune issues

    Sorry for the late reply, but just saw this. I imagine the issue is resolved since no follow-ups, but I wanted to echo LOL WUT. I had the same problem. I was on the E85 R tune, ran E85 down low, switched to Flex Tune, then added 93. I had to start it probably a half-dozen times (only E85...
  16. E85 without a tune

    I tend to agree...when mixing, losing 10-15% off your full tank range isn't THAT much, but when you are used to seeing ~350 on a tank, then you only see 300, you notice it. Especially if your daily work round-trip is 50 miles. On gas, I get ~350 on a tank. On 100% E-85 I get ~215. In the...
  17. E85 without a tune

    Yes, because as I said earlier, you have to burn a 3rd more E85 to make the same amount of "boom" as gas. You get about 2/3rd as far on E85 as Gas. Whatever the percentage of your tank is E85 is, that percentage only goes 2/3rds as far. so if 5 of your 15 gallons is E85, your getting...
  18. E85 without a tune

    The folks above probably understand this a lot better than me, but I wanted to explain what is going on a little more thoroughly to help you reason your way through this. The main thing you are getting with E85 from a performance standpoint is pre-detonation resistance, meaning you can run more...