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  1. ***Urgent*** Check Clutch Line At Brake Master Cylinder

    Holy crap....just checked mine. It was pretty far out. Grabbed it, and got a dribble as I pushed it on. Maybe this is why my clutch has been weird a couple times since May. Glad this thread got started.
  2. Will we ever again see a Mustang on a dealer lot FS?

    They've already begun the marketing for ordering vs. inventory. Just watched an ad on Youtube encouraging people who can't find their ideal Ford, to order it and be given some sort of "priority". Gonna be weird seeing all those big empty lots.
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Those look good. Who makes them?
  4. Front License Lawbreaker!

    Unfortunately, Texas requires one, so the dealership where I got the convertible drilled the front bumper. Those holes are now plugged. Colorado didn't drill the front bumper of my V6 and it's not going to get grilled. No front plates, not going to worry about it until I have to. Been cruising...
  5. Mustang commercials

    Wow...they're suddenly flooding my YouTube feed.
  6. A10 trans oil fill plug HELP

    Go to 20:00 Can't imagine (or don't want to imagine) what's going on with yours that a simple unscrew isn't working.
  7. 10-speed auto swap

    I think that's yet to be seen. Both transmissions bolted to identical GTs, which one will get down the 1/4 quickest? My money goes to the A10, despite the Tremec's shift speed. The A10 is a proven transmission. Not sure the Tremec' been in service long enough to say it's bulletproof.
  8. Delivered! Don’t touch!

    hhhhoooooooooo yeaahhhhhhhhhh
  9. Does your State still have an active 1/4 mile strip?

    Looks like Texas does. Can't really tell for sure which ones allow Joe Blow off the street to come run.
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Got the new grille put in. Really happy with it. Also replaced the passenger mirror, as it would only go up and down. Almost done with the changes.
  11. Mustang commercials

    Clearly Ford advertises different cars by region. I have NEVER seen this commercial, but I sit through an F-150 commercial at every station break.
  12. Mustang commercials

    This is the one that was on constant rotation on TV when I became a Mustang lover. Didn't hurt that my sister had one sitting in our driveway at the time.
  13. Getting the itch again

    She's pretty much done, with the exception of the OEM fog lights I want to install. With the Unleashed tune, it's more like the car it should have been from the factory. I'm particularly happy with the grille. Glad I didn't trade her in.
  14. Strong burning smell

    That should be considered. :cwl: Hopefully not, because that's one of the best places I can think of to ruin your suspension, or get hit & run.
  15. Strong burning smell

    Most things have a 'residue', 'coating', etc. on them when stuff is assembled. Since you're only smelling it after hard pulls, that suggests to me that something is burning off the inside, or the outside of your exhaust system. I'm betting it subsides soon, but if not, take it in.
  16. Strong burning smell

    Don't know if you've given it a once-over, and maybe this is a non-issue since they've had it on a lift for the oil change, but when I bought my 2002 Altima, I went looking for a strange smell and lifted the hood to find several small build-sheets still taped to various places in the engine...
  17. Delivered! Don’t touch!

    Now, make sure they drill the front bumper for that license plate bracket! :crackup: She's a beauty. Congrats! Maybe I'm weird, but I think it would be cool for them to PDI it, take it out of transport mode, etc. and let you take it home with all the protective stuff in place.
  18. Street racers....go to the track

    Tisk tisk.
  19. Undisclosed (No Longer Looking) WTB - 50th anniversary grille

    I think I found a wrecking yard that didn't know what they had. :-) $135 shipped.