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  1. Non Car Families

    My older son has some interest in cars and one son-in-laws is very seriously into them. But, otherwise no family members, past or present, has any interest other than as means of transportation.
  2. What up & coming car are you most interested in?

    Porsche 911 is a great car. There are a number of very low mileage GT3 RS garage queens around here. I see them at local import car meets. Their ride is pretty bad and they don't want to hurt resale value by putting a lot of miles on them. The GT4 is a Cayman and it is really tight inside. I had...
  3. Why does Porsche have small tires?

    I had a 1966 Porsche 911s. You never, ever took you foot off the gas mid-turn. If you did, it would change your line so fast it was impossible to control. That tendency is gone in the newer models. They are incredible handling and very predictable now. Which is very impressive, considering that...
  4. Looking for input from anyone who's owner a GT PP1 manual Mustang and a C8 Corvette please!

    I owned a 2013 427 Vette and 2010 Porsche 911 C2S before buying my 2018 Mustang GT. A Mustang is big and heavy in comparison. I could see buying a newer Porsche before buying a C8 Vette, if I was younger. It will hold it's value longer and has a lot more useful space. But, if those are not...
  5. Auto or Manual base for build ?

    We built a few drag cars a number of years ago and starting with an automatic was just less things to have to do and a better chance the transmission mount will fit. But realistically, it doesn't make a lot of difference.
  6. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    Boost drop is pretty common between shifts with a manual transmission. Happens with my BMW, too. My son has had no problems with the car in 40k miles. I should mention it handles very well but you are always aware of it, to the point of being tiring. But, I am older and can say I've been there...
  7. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    My oldest son has a Focus RS. There are many interior similarities between it and my GT. Performance of the RS is typical 4 banger turbo. Better than most, but the drop in boost with every shift is annoying. What stands out the most is the ride. It is horrible. I'm sure the tires are filled with...
  8. Buying a Mustang that was built for Canada in the US

    My 2018 was originally sold in Canada. If you are the person bringing it into the US, there is some paperwork and fees that needs to be taken care of. But, the dealer or party you purchase the car from in Canada should be able to help with that. If the car is already in the US, don't worry about...
  9. What up & coming car are you most interested in?

    I like the BMW Z4 M40i. My wife likes the Mach-E. We probably wouldn't get both. It will be interesting to see who wins. I need to replace the Mustang because it causes severe sciatic nerve pain. My wife's Saturn Vue has 140k miles and needs to be replaced, but she doesn't want to change. She...
  10. Ford to make a major announcement on electric vehicles tonight.

    Something that looks real good on a small scale, has many unexpected consequences when scaled up for use by millions. Look at social media.
  11. Did any manufacturer solve DI engine carbonization issue?

    AOS is standard equipment on a Porsche. I replaced mine because I screwed up, but that is uncommon. If you are going to seriously track a 911, you may have issues. But, most street cars are not meant to withstand the heat buildup you get on the track.
  12. Did any manufacturer solve DI engine carbonization issue?

    I believe it is not an issue with Porsche, something with the angle the fuel enters the cylinder. It also washes the back side of the valves. In all the time I owned a 911, nobody ever mentioned carbon build-up as an issue.
  13. Tick or no tick

    Sounds normal to me. My GT sounds like a threshing machine. I turn my hearing aids off when I drive it. Sounds much better.
  14. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    Centrifugal superchargers were OEM on a several cars in the 50s and early 60s. They held up quite well, too. I owned two such cars, a 57 312 Ford and 61 Studebaker Golden Hawk. They didn't generate a ton of power, but it was enough to get your attention. I wish I still had that Ford. Those...
  15. What's your Fuel Mileage on 2018-2021 Gt's 5.0 with 10 sp or Standards

    I took a trip of about 2 hours a few weeks ago. Set cruise control at 75 and got 28.2 mpg with top down part of the way and windows open with top the rest of the way, no AC. It was a lot hotter returning home so windows up and AC on,,, I hit 30.2 mpg until I got into city traffic.
  16. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    I ran D/GS on the strip with a 55 Chevy running a small block with a centrifugal supercharger. They typically don't develop much boost until you are at higher rpms. You can tweak pulley sizes to get them to boost sooner, but that tends to cause a variety of issues they are not designed to handle.
  17. Let's discuss windshield wipers

    I have used RainX blades for years on all of my cars. But, I have not put them on my GT yet... it's never been rained on.
  18. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    I had one of those. Cool looking little car. I have many memories about my Turbo Z... none of them good!:explode:
  19. Coolest job you ever had?

    I tell my brother the best job he ever had was porn movie fluffer. I tell him I bet he was real good at it.
  20. Question about future worth

    If you are looking at future value buy a Porsche.