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  1. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    Car is not warranted by the independent dealer but rather by the manufacturer So let’s assume that Ford denied coverage…. What do you do then? Take them to court? Only in clear and obvious case do you have a chance, such having an aftermarket radio and blowing your tranny For all other arguable...
  2. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    In theory yes, in real life it’s exactly the opposite… they deny coverage and your are the one left to prove, either through arbitration or court, that your modification didn’t create the problem
  3. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    It’s not normal for your car to get that hot so fast. Key words here is so fast Obviously adding airflow through the radiator will help but you’re treating the symptom, not the issue In a simple term, you are putting more heat load through the cooling system that it can handle Is your problem...
  4. 11's all the way around?

    Like that you can run 305 all around instead of 295 on the front. Better handling, less understeer
  5. The MOST valuable GT350 in the world…

    You’re funny, of course it’s a sticker. Car is a 18, Shelby died in 12
  6. The MOST valuable GT350 in the world…

    You completely missed the point: The guy said that the car was “personally” autographed by Shelby and that is obviously an impossibility
  7. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    I’m pretty sure that you have a problem with your cooling system for your oil and cht to be so high, especially so fast Before installing my oil cooler, my oil never went into the yellow, was at the end of the green but not in the yellow I also use 0w40 At speed you don’t need/use the fan so...
  8. Track Time Limited due to High CHT

    It’s not normal Did you check your coolant temperature and oil temperature when your Cht was so high? Keep in mind that the car has an oil-to-water cooler and that add a huge thermal load to the cooling system Getting ride of this system and adding an air-to-cooler will pay huge dividends I...
  9. Track Car (mostly) with a Bazaar Issue

    A thermostat only control the minimum coolant temperature, not the maximum What control the maximum is the system BTU capacity 170 is way to low of a rating and serve no purpose except increased engine wear An a/c should be ice cold, not an engine
  10. The MOST valuable GT350 in the world…

    That is quite an accomplishment for someone that died 6 years before the car was even built
  11. Does your Gen 3 Coyote V8 have oil consumption?

    Depend on how you use the truck I had a 2001 3/4 ton suburban with the 8.1 engine and when towing heavy (12.000 lbs), would use over 1qt per 500 miles No towing . Would use nada
  12. Air Pressure Changes Steering Bias?

    Your instructor is both right and wrong Yes, tires do have a reference mark that you don’t want to go over but tire pressure is not the only reason why you would go over or not The other main and even more importantly factor is camber Let’s say that you don’t have enough negative camber in...
  13. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    You need to educate yourself, as Norm and Honeybadger have said, the Mustang system is not a race system and do not account for modifications to the car As for your “solution” for the understeer, it’s really an asinine idea, the Mustang, Ike almost all vehicles, is designed to understeer because...
  14. Fighting understeer in high speed corners

    Once you reach a certain skills level, you turn off stability and traction control because you can be faster and have a better feel for the car without them
  15. If you want a new Mach 1 NOW

    While I would personally never paid ADM, I have no problem with anyone doing it It’s their money and they have the right to do whatever they want with it As for the impact on prices for “us” you’re right but it’s no different that anything else in life If people would not pay inflated prices for...
  16. Please help, fitment question... will 2021 black accent wheels clear performance package brakes?

    You are downgrading the wheels compared to the pp1 The front is 9” wide in the pp1and 9.5 in the rear. 275 and 255 tires
  17. Wheel and Tire Indecision on GT Model

    Depend of your goal If you are after better handling, go for square size The Mustang is a front heavy car and need all the tires you can get in front A good and easy choice is 285/35/19 on 10” 35 offset wheels It make rotating tires a breeze
  18. Superchargers and HPDE/Road course

    Mine has a PP2, his a pp3 We believe that one of his replacement engine was defective Btw, ford footed the bill Stock gen 2clutch are crap and can’t take high rpm’s shifting Both cars have air/oil separators They usually start to use a lot of oil before blowing up
  19. Superchargers and HPDE/Road course

    I blew 1 engine, 2 clutches, my friend 1 clutch and 3 engines and another friend with an R, 1 engine
  20. Superchargers and HPDE/Road course

    From my own experience and some friends that heavily track their pp1 Mustang ( Gen2), the engine is pretty fragile and, beside obviously the cooling issues, but the M1 is much better on this point, I would personally not put any more load on the engine Of course it depend on how much you would...