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  1. Is my HP spoiler coming off?

    All of the factory spoilers for the coup have the same attachment points. With a few exceptions like the CFTP on the GT500 or the GT350R. I removed the stock spoiler on my car and replaced it with the GT350 track pack spoiler. The only difference is the layout of the 3M tape.
  2. Worst navigation ever!

    I’m still waiting for Ford navigation to add my house. But it’s only been here 5 years. Maybe some day 🙄 Sucks to buy something extra but I’m considering the adapter in this video. The humblemechanic has never steered me wrong on my VWs.
  3. Is my HP spoiler coming off?

    There are also some alignment pins and 2 small plastic clips on either end. Check out this link form LMR for the PP spoiler. You can see all the pieces here
  4. Is my HP spoiler coming off?

    The spoiler is bolted and glued down with 3M trim tape. There is also some foam gasket material around where the studs pass thru the trunk skin. What I see in the picture looks like the adhesive tape to me. Find a YouTube on removing the spoiler and you will see all the parts.
  5. Dashcam recommendations, Near Miss last year. Even when its not your fault....its your fault, dubious liability.

    I have a 2 channel front and rear Thinkware setup. Seems to work great. I have their OBD2 power adaptor so no splicing/taping and I still have all the features of a hard wired setup. The camera has parking monitoring and auto starts continuous recording when I start the car.
  6. Wifi

    I did not renew the AT&T service in my 2020 GT after the trial. All of the FordPass features still work, remote start, remote lock, vehicle status, etc.
  7. Worst navigation ever!

    If you think SYNC 3 is bad, you never had the pleaser of using SYNC 2. SYNC 3 is much better than the old system. Still, the best feature of SYNC 3 is support for CarPlay/android auto. :)
  8. Removing vinyl racing stripe from 2019 GT350

    If you have residue left over, 3M adhesive remover works well. If the tape is stuck you can use a rubber wheel to remove it. Both are relatively cheap and easy to find online.
  9. What can we do for You?

    The last discount code I have is no longer valid. Can you send me the updated one?
  10. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    Wonder what the odds are that I dodged this with a Dec 4th build date. Exactly 9/1 to 12/1 seems to be too coincidental. 🙄
  11. 2021 GT rear body leak

    Just a final update. The body shop polished out the scratches and reset the glass. Everything looks ok now. I had to reattach some of the trim that they didn’t install properly and it took several hours to detail the car back to my standards. I didn’t push on the ceramic as I just wanted the...
  12. 54,000 Mile Oil Analysis - Increased Lead

    In this context PPM can be thought of like this; for 1000 grams of motor oil there would be 7 milligrams of lead. Typically distributed as very very tiny particles.
  13. 2021 GT rear body leak

    I got a call from the shop yesterday that they found the issue and repaired it. Where the spot welds are located along the side of the rear window there was rough area/burr that left a small gap in the panel seam. They wanted to let the window and seam sealant cure so I was supposed to pick up...
  14. 2021 GT rear body leak

    I heard back from the dealer, looks like a body seam. They are going to remove the glass and reseal.
  15. Be aware. Warranty issues on the TSB A/C fix.

    No question that Ford should have repaired their faulty part if they didn’t fix the engineering defect. I have heard, you can have the service advisor add a line on the work order and add an hour or two of customer paid labor and you will qualify for the 24 month warranty. In a case of a large...
  16. 2021 GT rear body leak

    Congratulations! Did they remove the glass to reseal it? I dropped mine off after work today and they are looking at it tomorrow. After showing the tech the video I took they are suspecting the body seam as well. I didn’t think to ask if that’s a glass out repair.
  17. 2021 GT rear body leak

    Sounds like we have a race to find the leak. I’ll try to respond if I find anything.
  18. 2021 GT rear body leak

    I am having the same issue. I have a 2020 that I bought new a few months ago. The dealer insisted it was the trunk gasket and replaced it. It’s still leaking 🤬. I got in the trunk and had my wife spray the car with a hose. The water is leaking between what I think is the joint of the rear...
  19. 2018-2019 Ford Mustang Painted GT Engine Plenum Cover

    Here’s a few ideas. I ultimately went with the full red as I liked the simple look. Both were done using VHT high temp plastic paint. The detail was done with vinyl pinstripe material and the lettering was a paint marker.
  20. Checking 10R80 fluid level

    According to the service manual they are correct. The full operating temp to check the fluid is 206-215F. They could eye-ball the mini dipstick and get an approximate level.