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  1. Exhaust tip cleaner?

    I use Borla Exhaust Tip Cleaner on my GT350, it works well.
  2. TPMS...Which one?

    Check Tire Rack, or I believe you need the 315MHz sensors
  3. Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    I googled "Street Hustler gifs" and found a couple, but I don't know what you're in to, so here they are... 🤣
  4. Getting a Replacement Motor

    Sorry to hear it 🙁 If you're willing, keep us posted on the progress. Best of luck with the new motor.
  5. She’s back 😳Reunited with GT500 I sold

    Don't leave us hanging like that!! 🤣 How did it play out?
  6. replacing one rear tire?

    I wouldn't drive it like that. Better to wait for the new tire than damage the drive train or get into a dangerous situation with the car pulling to the side under acceleration.
  7. replacing one rear tire?

    He said nothing is mentioned in the OM, I am just pointing out that it does say in general replace as a pair. A tire with 9k miles on it will definitely have the tread worn more than a new tire, and that's going to cause an imbalance - How much of an imbalance will depend on the amount of wear.
  8. replacing one rear tire?

    The owner's manual does say "It is recommended that the two front tires or two rear tires generally be replaced as a pair. " If it were me, I'd probably replace both rears (at least) to avoid an imbalance.
  9. How I got to my Mach 1

    Congrats on the nice new rides! Good deals too 👍 I feel like this thread is going to trigger some of the people waiting for their ordered M1s. Hang in there fellas!
  10. Spilled drink

    It depends on how bad it is, but if you want to clean the seat very thoroughly you could take the seat out, take it apart, take the seat covers off and clean the foam padding, seat frame and the covers. This would be a lot of work and probably not worth the effort unless you can't live with the...
  11. Winter Tire Help Please

    Have you used this forum much?? Personal crusades are de rigueur 🤣
  12. Winter Tire Help Please

    This probably won't convince geep81 these tires are worth a damn in the snow, but PA4s are 3PMSF-branded, which means they meet certain criteria for winter performance to be considered severe snow service-rated.
  13. Winter Tire Help Please

    To quote a wise man, 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Winter Tire Help Please

    No one is arguing that Blizzak WS90s or Micheline X-Ice aren't great tires - they are extraordinarily good in snow and ice conditions, but you do give up some of the wet/dry handling performance. If you're mostly going to drive on snow and ice they are definitely the tire you want for winter, in...
  15. Winter Tire Help Please

    Those aren't performance winter tires. It is a different category of winter tire. You're looking for this test... Tire Rack Testing Studless Ice & Snow Winter Tires
  16. Purchase advice and tire sizing.

    The Parts Farm has them, they're used so won't be immaculate
  17. Winter Tire Help Please

    Since you're looking for science, how about some testing by Tire Rack? Tire Rack Testing Performance Winter / Snow Tires Tire Rack tested the Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60, Dunlop SP Winter Sport 4D, Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4, and Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3. Tire Rack test video Tire Ratings Chart