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  1. Pilot sport A/S 3+ blowout, Common?

    I'm running A/S 3+ on my Civic, and have no complaints. Got them from 4wheelonline last year. So far, I'm impressed with the handling and ride quality. One of the tires had a nail in the middle of the thread and a local tire shop fixed it without any problems.
  2. New Wheels and Tires 2015 GT

    I'm currently checking my options here-- tire and wheel packages. I might choose Niche or the American Racing wheels because they aren't too expensive.
  3. indoor storage

    Another vote for cleaning the car before using the cover to prevent unwanted micro scratches.
  4. Bay area muffler shop recommendation

    Try Livermore Muffler Shop. They can do resonator delete.
  5. XPEL PPF, thanks!

    I'm very pleased with my Xpel also. Really worth the cost.
  6. NACA/NASA -like hood graphics

    I don't like the style/color combo.
  7. Resonator Delete Regrets?

    Personally, I don't like the sound of resonator delete.
  8. My interior pretty much done.

    Looks very nice. Katzkins is on my list also.
  9. Anyone got a good source for the black-out badges?

    I know levittownfordparts has genuine OEM 5.0 Mustang emblems also.
  10. Wheel Detailer

    McKees37 Hydro Blue. Just spray on and then rinse off.
  11. Richard Petty Garage King Edition Mustang - 22 of 43

    Love the color. It is stunning.
  12. Do you eat inside your mustang?!

    I do but very rarely.
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    No mods. Just washed and waxed.
  14. Tire recommendation for my Mustang GT 2018

    My car has Michelin PS4's that I got from 4wheelonline last March. The traction on dry and wet roads is sufficient for everyday use. They are comfortable and smooth on the highway. Also, the grip on hard corners is good. The only negative thing about them is the price.
  15. New whip!!

    Sweet truck! What are your plans for her? I recommend replacing the tires with a more aggressive set. Getting a steel front bumper and winch would be nice also.
  16. Paint Protection Film Expectations

    No issues with my Xpel also. Looks like your installer didn't do a good job.
  17. New seats installed today

    Katzkin covers have a nice quality and craftmanship. They are just on the pricey side.
  18. Did some painting today

    Very nice. What paint did you use?
  19. Red Brembo Brake Covers??

    +1 on painting them. No special prep is needed. Just use wire brush and brake cleaner/degreaser.
  20. Car cover recommendations

    Covercraft Noah cover. It can be used indoor and outdoor.