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  1. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    Don't know that but my dedicated E85 tune on an otherwise stock to the air filter Coyote is probably making ~ 530 hp which is quite amazing and plenty fast.
  2. She's thirsty.

    What an econobox.
  3. She's thirsty.

    Son, the Mustang still has a long way to go to catch up with my total. I've had enough - I'll let the car be drunk with power.
  4. She's thirsty.

    "Alcohol-eks" -> Alcoholics. A bit of an irony since my car consumes prodigious amounts of alcohol while the driver has been on the wagon for many years.
  5. She's thirsty.

    A heavy consumer of ethyl alcohol, eh? Hmm, hence my license plate:
  6. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    My eye is on this to replace the RS when the time comes:
  7. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    How many miles is "way more"? My impression is they are pretty stout cars - I have 66,3xx miles on mine - driven hard - no problems and it probably has the only engine I've ever owned that truly consumes No Oil.
  8. What up & coming car are you most interested in?

    CT4 V Blackwing w/ 6M and whatever the next special Mustang is (Boss, GT350, TBD) w/ 6M
  9. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    Choose Both - that said, I have an 18 which avoided the head gasket issue, but those are hard to find. Love both and glad I have the option every morning as to which to drive. That said, when its raining the RS is the only choice. The RS has been totally reliable and probably the best "all...
  10. New oil specification for GDI engines

    This piece of shit is actually fairly competent at getting my 17 year old back and forth to high school, and at 0% for 6 years, it costs about $11/day to own. It's also better than the Plymouth Volare I learned to drive on. And comes in the same color as a GT 500. That said, if there really...
  11. New oil specification for GDI engines

    This is of interest because of my RS (and actually the 2021 Escape whose 3 banger is DI). I've always used 5-50 Motorcraft Full Synthetic for the RS and that little motor consumes no oil. If the soot is circulating (as described) would this result in oil consumption?
  12. The So Cal E85 Report

    I hope the bastard who did this burns in hell - Chevron in Norco on Mountain - this scumbag disabled the E85 pump by ripping of the gas selector button. Fuck you you dirty rat bastard
  13. Anyone Want to Buy an AC Cobra?

    Beautiful car - lotta money for a toy. Will the back of your shoulders and upper thoracic spine bang up against the edge of the body in front of the roll bar? Will your head bang up against the roll bar?
  14. Need help from Recaro owners: Recaro Seat Upholstery Problem - Front edge came loose

    I'm posting this here because search didn't come up with anything. When I went to manually adjust (fore/aft) my driver's seat, I noticed the front edge of the cloth upholstery under the front of the seat was dangling and a long narrow plastic clip was at the edge. I was able to snap it back in...
  15. Some Pics From the 2021 Mustang Week Show

    Me first. Thanks for posting - very cool cars. This was a good Mustang show!
  16. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    Back in 1990 I thought I was cool when in reality I was rollin' in my 4.9.
  17. least the Mustang......

    :cwl::clap: oops