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  1. Show your personalized plate

    Ordered in April, got them today
  2. 11's all the way around?

    If your getting new tires throw the Steeda two bolt track bar on it. It really helps with the tram linning
  3. NorCal Coastal Cruise?

    If I'm in town I'm in
  4. Faded paint noticeable after stripe removal?

    I think the only problem you will have is the strip on the hood. That stripe will be baked on
  5. GT350 owners that like the car

    I love this car not one problem not one complaint I smile just thinking about it
  6. GT350 all weather tires?

    Only tires I could find were Nitto's 05's But these are not all season tires
  7. GT350 all weather tires?

    I bought mine 2020 GT 350 from James Ford, I was told do not drive in the rain and be careful leaving the lot do to the puddles. I will be putting 4S's on it next
  8. Insurance Premiums

    STATE FARM $ 1200 DOLLARS 2020 Shelby GT 350
  9. Track Attack cars for sale?

    I'm betting on a driving school buying them
  10. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    If you got it spend it
  11. Car Cover Quality

    I use the one that came with the car. I use it as a dust cover since my car is garaged. Works perfect for this
  12. Another 2020 engine failure

    I had an F150 in 1989 that I bought brand new. It was my first new truck. It had more problems than a math book . I used a lemon law attorney named Mark Anderson. He was great Ford gave me a brand new 1991 F150 that I put over 200,000 miles on. Good Luck
  13. Richard Petty Garage King Edition Mustang - 22 of 43

    I've never seen one of those
  14. Used GT350 buying guide

    Mine were cooked, I had them checked by two different shops. When I bought the car they told me told me 5,000 to 7,000 was all you will get out of those tires
  15. Used GT350 buying guide

    I only got 5500 miles on my factory tires never tracked it so 4000 on the tires does not mean it was tracked. These cars are made to be tracked
  16. 2020 GT350/R Backup Camera Recall

    Mine worked fine but under the recall they replaced the camera. Had my car back in 2 hours
  17. Coolest job you ever had?

    Plain clothes cop in the Tenderloin
  18. Have you bought Tires lately?

    I had the same problem and had to go with Nitto's 05's Have to say I love these tires no more trame lining and they are holding up well
  19. SF Bay Area Mechanics

    Yes go see Trent Musser he has his shop at Sonma Raceway He's a Shelby Expert Fantastic shop
  20. Pilot sport cup 2 life?

    wear bars on the front were gone the rears had some meat left i even switched the fronts at 4000 miles to try and get more miles out of them