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  1. Largest Markup Yet!

    lol…put down the PBR and read it again, I never said that 😎
  2. Science is now cancelled?

    you’re right, I am not responding to that because it was ancillary to the discussion… but my bad…I was referencing mask mandates, nothing more nothing less. so are you saying that vacc status is just another issue to divide the populace or no?
  3. Science is now cancelled?

    OK I read it all, and it’s says it all…just a few sentences in; ”Natural immunity “does provide pretty good protection, there’s no doubt about that,” said Dr. Liam Sullivan, a Grand Rapids infectious disease specialist with Spectrum Health. “The question is how long does that protection last...
  4. Science is now cancelled?

    you are distracting from the point sir… …he said he would insist on proof of vaccination to be in their presence; ie a vaccination passport. what would YOU call the opposite of that?
  5. Science is now cancelled?

    lol, clearly a typo and you know it… …outlawed vaccination passports, ya fruitcake 🙃
  6. Science is now cancelled?

    so does that also mean, that you will stay the hell out of the states that outlawed vaccinations/passports and masks?!? because according to everything you typed, the entire population of Florida/Texas/et all, should be dead soon… …askin for a friend 😬
  7. Buying a Mustang that was built for Canada in the US

    it was no issue for me, but only because I have out-of-state options 😉 then sold the car to a non-emissions buyer late last year.
  8. Boosted 350's come on in!

    good Lord…762wheel on the 6psi gates 🤪
  9. Buying a Mustang that was built for Canada in the US

    Possibly…double check the underhood emissions tag. I bought a 2015 focus ST from Canadia, and it had no California emissions…but didn’t notice it until I got to the California DMV 😂
  10. Insurance Premiums

    just got my USAA renewal…1552/year 50yrs old on a 350R that I drive the crap out of 😬 1 ticket between 36-48 months ago, they SAY it doesn’t count, but then why do they keep mentioning it 😂
  11. Lund E85R tune > "Not Ready" status on annual inspection

    lol…just wait until NY joins CA in making ANY tunes illegal 🤨
  12. *Edited* Ordered Procharger Stage 2 P1X.
  13. Science is now cancelled?

    some of y’all need to read George Orwell’s 1984 🧐 …read it again if you are like me and had to read it in high school English class back in (wait for it) 1984 😂 the parallels to what’s going on with this are simply stunning 😐
  14. Science is now cancelled?

    wow…find another organization, quick 🤨
  15. Indiana 16 GT350 -Built motor-2.9 whipple

    …you sellin this separately?
  16. GT350 Gripes and Complaints

    not gonna lie, i kinda dig that. my focus ST was same way, as it was also built up in Canadia 😂
  17. GT350 Gripes and Complaints

    pfffft….buncha girls up in here (no offense to the girls) you ain’t tried to check the oil until you gotta climb up a 6 inch lifted F150 on 37 inch Nitto tires, and not fall on your @$$ getting down. proximity sensors and brake dust?!? What are we, 15 years old and driving daddy’s Tesla...
  18. Science is now cancelled?

    …and I “could have“ made 10 million dollars, if only I won the lottery 😉