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  1. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    A few more weeks then away until spring. It will be like the first day of ownership all over again. HA.
  2. 2018 GT PP1 Purchase, Thoughts?

    Former biker here and considered the mx 5 before mustang. Loved the go kart ness and reliability but I gave up motor cycles due to zero trust of others taking the fun away and I'm afraid I'd feel the same in the mx 5. Mustang has enough bulk, sound and road presence (even as a convertible) I...
  3. convertible wind sheet

    How did LTD respond when you told them the caps didn't fit with their brackets? I may request they provide something that fits as I find that disappointing since their website says it does work with the caps installed.
  4. Anyone else keeping their S550 at/near stock?

    Stock for sure. I searched long time for the exact trim. Rented a 2020 gt vert and road tripped it to be sure it was what I wanted. Listened to the car debate podcast the other day how cars go through phases on the used market and currently buyers want stock and will even buy a older nsx stang...
  5. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    2022 cs/gt restyle I don't like and 10hp less in coyote. Plus my 21 I can sell for more than I paid new. Strange days indeed.
  6. How loud is Active Exhaust?

    After having a mustang with AE it is the number one thing I’d look for if buying again. Well second to the coyote of course.
  7. Stealth Edition 2022 Mustang Announced & California Special Adds GT Performance Package

    Prefer my 21 gt/cs styling (but I would say that) for grille and wheels and side striping. Just ok for 22.. Like to see it in orange.
  8. The Life of Daily Driving a 5.0

    I do get lots of that kids in daddy’s caddie revving at stop lights and yelling let’s go. I just smile and let them wear out dads tires and trans. I think a lot of it is the internet cars and coffee bs of them trying to bait you into an accident from loss of control.
  9. Most quiet aftermarket exhaust?

    Congrats and good choice. Pics?
  10. Most quiet aftermarket exhaust?

    It will be the same as a gt premium as the cs is an appearance package added to a gt premium. Honestly I don't think the aftermarket makes a quiet exhaust for the gt. Any I've seen are sold as variations of loud. The ford active exhaust is even too loud for some in quiet mode (one review from...
  11. Check engine light came on tonight

    It’s telling you there is a code set that needs to be read with an obd2 scanner. Once you have that code further diagnosis can be done. If the car is in warranty take it to dealer. If not an autoparts store should be willing to get you the code. You can google it from there for more info.
  12. Do you drive in quiet mode?

    Yes. Large difference in sound when I toggle from normal to sport+, track etc. at stop light or underway.
  13. Do you drive in quiet mode?

    I think of my 21 gt cs convert features the active exhaust is my favourite. I love the transition in sound when I toggle to sport plus. Its like pressing the "muscle car" button. Makes me smile every time. I do use quiet start always as I like the stealth of not being noticed until I want to be.
  14. Ford app, and Mustang deep sleep, time out .

    Mine is closer to 2 weeks before deep sleep alert in app (always over 1). I always use remote and get horn to chirp.
  15. Convertble trunk mat please help

    I have the oem mat and didn't need to trim it. Make sure you order the correct mat for with or without a subwoofer. As said once you have it try it out. For me trimming would remove the lip and defeat the purpose of catching liquid before it soaks the carpet.

    Best pics I've got seem twilight or toward dusk. Direct sun seems to lose the gloss.
  17. '22 California Special getting some changes

    Brembos added is good. Other than that prefer my 21 cs styling (grille wheels and spoiler)I think
  18. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    Are you sure the performance pack car didn’t have magnaride? I thought they all did or maybe I’m thinking of pp2. If by cs you mean California special that is just the standard gt premium vert suspension.
  19. Care for decklid panel and taillights

    From new I sealed it (and tail lights)with ceramic 9h then used a few coats of the tw ceramic spray wax as topper and it is holing up well.