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  1. JLT CAI installed, love the whine

    At times I can hear my blower completely stock.
  2. JLT CAI installed, love the whine

    AM has the blue, not the red in stock if anyone wants the blue.
  3. After 40 years finally ready Mustang GT Convertible

    It's definitely in Canadian dollars. To the OP, the PP1 spoiler on this car would look fantastic. Congrats!
  4. Ford offering $500 discount on 2021 Mustang

    Our local Ford dealer is giving away double the factory warranty, 1 year of oil changes, etc. etc. All the Mustangs are long gone though.
  5. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Thanks man! Honestly I just use a microfiber cloth with normal car wash soap, just careful to not scratch. My other Ford black wheels seem to scratch easily, even when washing them so I don't apply a lot of pressure and will go over them a few times to get it all.
  6. Who here has installed LTH's on their 20+ GT500 themselves?

    Curious as anyone's experience getting these installed on our cars. Some Mustangs in the past it was nearly impossible without a cradle and dropping the K-member, are these like that as well? Would you tackle this in your own garage?
  7. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    Sounds fabulous.
  8. Worst navigation ever!

    I've had zero issues with Ford's Navigation, and I own two of them currently. Lexus navigation in my 2013 GS350 was absolutely atrocious. Difficult to use at best and the directions were always horrible. Personally love the Navigation in these.
  9. Can a Tune Change the Sound

    More power makes more sound. Not sure a tune only coyote would make enough power over stock to really make that much different of a sound though. Could be in your head as you know that the car just suffered a performance loss by going back to stock tune.
  10. New on this forum thing =)

    Thank you!!! I sure do love it besides the minor issues lol. I am in Socal the San Fernando Valley. What are the minor issues?
  11. California 2016 Mustang GT PP Manual…….Highly Modified

    Extremely impressive build sir. Very well done, GLWTS.
  12. New on this forum thing =)

    Congrats on the new ride, and welcome!
  13. The Life of Daily Driving a 5.0

    Biden asked for a study on how a mileage tax would be implemented in his new package, not the tax itself. The tax has been estimated to be $.08 / mile.
  14. The Life of Daily Driving a 5.0

    Most people actually give me space in my car, however there have been a few. Most interesting was an EcoBoost F150 that clearly had some work done to it, it was surprisingly quick to about 45mph or so.
  15. Best Corvette Ever?

    I had a C5 Z/06 with a built 383 and all the supporting mods. Fully forged rotating assembly, cammed to the moon, wicked fast. Unfortunately it stank because the cats had been removed and you would get cam surge driving normally down the street, which was tough to do. Got rid of it because it...
  16. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    You’re the reasoning I’m using with my wife to get a GT350 also 😂
  17. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    I was able to test drive mine prior to purchase.
  18. Handling Package for a Street Driven Car?

    Or offer it as a 'free' service to potential customers as yet another reason to do business with you? Every customer likes to hear about the free stuff they are getting.