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  1. Window Sticker

    Can I get this window sticker please? 1FM5K8GC5LGB32564
  2. New 2021 GT500 (PL1SKEN) - 1st ever Mustang - DCT vs Manual impression - Braselton, Ga.

    I remember you from anytime fitness many years ago. Glad to see you have your own business. Congrats on the new ride!
  3. Thoughts on these "fog lights"?

    i was more intrigued by the concept of how they would look had they not been strobes
  4. Thoughts on these "fog lights"?

    Saw these on the Ford Performance site today Yes they are strobes but any thoughts if they werent?
  5. Largest Markup Yet!

    Any of you Georgia guys on Mcever in a FJG auto?
  6. Largest Markup Yet!

    They said they would match Granger and then reneged on the deal.
  7. Largest Markup Yet!

    I used to live off 211 near Chateu Elan. I should've ordered from Granger months ago
  8. Largest Markup Yet!

    Where did you get yours? I'm in Flowery Branch!
  9. Mach 1s Land @ Granger in Velocity Blue and Jet Fighter Gray

    I want that VB car, if it falls through call me LOL
  10. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

  11. Is it huge downgrade to trade in my 2020 GT350 for a Stinger?

    Details on the GT350? I'm not far from you
  12. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    Rates were HIGHER 4 years ago.
  13. Sold PP2 and replaced it with PP1 Convertible. Wish me luck....

    Unfortunately no If it was blue and 8-10k cheaper I would
  14. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    I wasnt trying to get into a pissing contest. I was simply stating the rate for 15 years isnt good compared to TODAY'S rates. I misspoke as my closing costs were paid for by the builder if I chose the 30 year loan with their lender, along with a 20k discount on top of that. This was 4 years...
  15. Sold PP2 and replaced it with PP1 Convertible. Wish me luck....

    Is this your old car? How much did they give you for it?
  16. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    3.125% Just taxes and insurance down Closing costs were rolled into the loan No points 15 year loans are around 2.5%
  17. Do Not Buy A Used car!!!!!

    Thats a terrbile rate for a 15 year loan. Mine is less for a 30 year loan.
  18. Off with the stripes - Mach 1 graphics removed

    Would look better with black and red graphics instead of black and white. Both look better than without stripes. The wheels look worse as well, IMHO of course.
  19. Has anyone ordered a Mach 1 yet

    I'm leasing a '21 Honda Civic Sport for now. Cheap transportation with excellent gas mileage.
  20. Do local Ford Dealers to you have any Mustangs in stock?

    Is that all you’ve got captain?