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  1. Weird Rattle

    Hello, I wanted to come in here and respond what the fix was in case anyone has a similar issue in the future. I looked at other threads on here and someone mentioned a sticker on the driveshaft coming loose and hitting things. Once we put it up on the lift and looked at the driveshaft, that's...
  2. Weird Rattle

    Hello everyone! I'm having this pretty loud rattle that sounds like it's coming from under the shifter. The rattle gets louder with increased RPMs but it sounds like a plastic on plastic sound? I think. Anyone got any ideas what this could be? I've done my best to capture the sound in the...
  3. KW V3 Coilover Kit?

    Did you upgrade your fortune autos to the swift springs or did you stay with the stock springs? I'm considering the fortune auto 500s on my car but wanted to know if the extra money for the swift springs is worth it or if I'll be ok with the stock springs.
  4. 1.5" Drop

    Are there any springs that will give a 1.5" drop in the rear? I'm going to be running a 305/30/19 and I'd like to close the gap that this will leave as much as I can. All I see that is close are the eibach sportlines.
  5. Texas GT350 Style Front Fenders, Carbon Fiber, 18+ GT & Ecoboost *NEW but Damaged*

    Are these local pick up only or r u also interested in shipping?
  6. The Photography Hangout Thread

    Are you lowered on springs or coilovers?
  7. Lowered on 305/30/19s

    Your car looks great! Do you know which steeda springs you have? Or how much the drop was supposed to be?
  8. Lowered on 305/30/19s

    Thank you for the picture! Is your car lowered?
  9. Lowered on 305/30/19s

    Hello! I wanted to know if anyone has any pictures of their car on 305/30/19s in the rear while being lowered. If so, can you post them up. I'm going to be purchasing a setup like this and want to see how it looks in case I need to change it. My main concern is the amount of wheel gap in the rear.
  10. 2021 Shelby Super Snake Debuts New "Speedster" Two-Seater Body

    Those wheels are really nice. I'd assume super expensive?
  11. Texas BC Coilovers like new

    I'm very interested in these. If you dont mind my asking, what made you hate these for country driving?
  12. California Carbon Fiber APR Racing Front Splitter

    Please let me know if you decide to ship!
  13. 2016 Shelby GT350 Widebody Fathouse Build

    Great build! Would you mind sharing where you purchased that spoiler?
  14. Undisclosed FS: Custom fender flares

    What's the price?
  15. Street Style Ecoboost Drift Build

    Is that an OEM GT350 bumper or did you buy from another company? Did it come painted or did you get it painted yourself?