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  1. Simply Stereo Upgrade tweeters Kicker

    I wonder why this thread died.
  2. Rear Seat Cover

    Not trying to be rude but did you even try google. I just searched "seat covers" and immediately found a number of places, such as covercraft, that make custom fit seat covers for the back seats
  3. Rumor: S650 Mustang 4-Door Sedan Will Debut in 2022 with 3 Engine Options

    We just saw with the Mach E that our voices don't matter. Ford Execs will do what they want.
  4. Who's sick & tired of 'cancel culture' drop a comment here

    Stifling speech is bad. From my crib I heard my mother tell someone if they didn't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. I was shocked at the age of 6 when she put me in a school for mutes. Discovered mom was a hypocrite when they told her no tuition refunds.
  5. What shock and strut is good with Ford performance X street springs

    I'd go with the Ford Performance track shocks and struts. They are very well regarded on here and are decently priced and should work perfectly with the Ford Performance Springs. Just don't buy them straight Ford Performance, they can be had cheaper elsewhere like Levittown.
  6. What are Track and Autocross guys doing about...

    I know... what were they thinking? Is it like the auto makers not selling cars any more because they make more on SUVs???
  7. PPF/Ceramic Coatings on Mach 1 Stripes...?

    My question goes out to anyone who is considering PPF/Ceramic Paint Protection for their Mach 1... In my research on the films and coatings the one seemingly constant is the fact that once applied they add ' a sheen or glossiness' to the finish (not including the films that are purposely matte)...
  8. Bullitt owners only - How old are you?

    Replace the OEM clutch spring with the Steeda spring and clutch issues gone.
  9. Ford Performance by Borla XPipe 'Rusted Off'

    Pretty sure that’s fractured at a weld rather than rusted through. Hope they sort you out :like: WD :like:
  10. Direct Injection Failures

    Ok in December 2020 my E85 tuned 2018 GT with 37k miles at the time started misfiring and throwing misfire codes until it eventually got worst and started leaking raw fuel out of the exhaust pipes. Took it to local Ford dealer and they didn’t want to touch it since it was tuned so to a local...
  11. 2021 Mach 1 wheels / specs

    I've added these to the Mach1 Part Numbers Sheet, thanks. If you have any other part numbers that can be added feel free to tag me and I'll get them added.
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    And they are done : WD :like:
  13. Sequenced tail lights EPM.

    Yes good idea. I had an early failure in one of the modules and was able to put my original light back in while waiting for the replacement controller.
  14. California Mp concept black decklid overlay

    pic of other side? Is it scratched ?
  15. Free flow pipes

    Not a problem at all. Check out the threads in this forum. There are videos of people in the industry talking about it. Not good. So much for "freedom".
  16. FACTORY FITMENT Master Spoiler/Wing Thread

    i can confirm the gt500 ebay spoilers fit the factory holes for a base gt (not pp1)
  17. Almost Ready for Ceramic

    To be honest im not sure of the difference between the 2 graphenes. I have seen them next to each other. The Graphene seemed to make a tiny bit difference. Lots of factors could be at play for sure IE coating methods, the person doing the coating, the color of car ect. Like I said, either way...