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  1. Prices are on the rise......

    I for one would choose the NA GT350/R over an identical FI 350 at the same price.
  2. Car Cover Quality

    I’ve have the Ford Shelby GT350 cover for nearly 5 years now and have had no scratches from using it. I have stated this in the past because it is a misconception that the cover from Ford is of low quality.
  3. Have you bought Tires lately?

    When I ordered MPSS front tires it took a couple of months to get them. So I ordered rear tires and I’ve been sitting on them for eight months knowing that supply would be an issue. They took three months to arrive. This was last fall.
  4. Would you buy a 16-18 GT350? For what discount vs. 19-20?

    You are correct, you are not lucky. I own a ‘17 and have no oil consumption issues. More of us need to proclaim this to contradict the overblown misgivings of this awesome car.
  5. Prices are on the rise......

    Everything I own is for sale.
  6. Prices are on the rise......
  7. Prices are on the rise......

    Do you have any Jean shorts and some long white socks?
  8. Prices are on the rise......

    This is an insane price. Nearly original MSRP with fees.
  9. So...Pilot Super Sports. Where you gettin ‘em?

    I ordered rears last August and received them the second week of December. So if you need to get new rear PSS’s, you’d better order well in advance.
  10. Billy Johnson flogs Shmee150’s GT500 around Buttonwillow

    Billy Johnson flogs Shmee150’s GT500 around Buttonwillow. He takes the wheel at the 14:25 mark.
  11. Brake calipers painted, new pads, and some stereo improvements, too

    Anyone try these?
  12. Engine priming after winter storage.

    Anticipating that I’ll be able to drive my car in a few days, which will be the first time in about four months, I went out to the garage and primed the engine. The first time the oil pressure gauge read around 50 psi. I did it a second time and it read close to a 100 psi.
  13. Parking a GT350 outside house?

    I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.
  14. GT350 Inside Front Tire Wear, Alignment Inside

    My tire felt the same way. I was told it was due to having too much negative toe. Below are my before and after numbers.
  15. GT350 Inside Front Tire Wear, Alignment Inside

    Do they look like this? This is my left front driver side tire on my GT350 after 11500 miles. Both front tires are identically worn. Replaced them and had the car aligned to a more conservative spec and they appear to be wearing evenly after 2000 miles.
  16. Water filter

    This is the route I went with. Not as perfect as going with a complete filtration system but much better than untreated water.
  17. Fuel conditioner and storing your 350 for the winter

    Hold down the gas and the clutch to the floor at the same time and hit the start button. The engine will turn over without starting for 4-5 seconds.