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  1. Ok… Question on bbk shorty headers

    A Dyno graph of unknown origins doesn't prove anything. You yourself said a Dyno could be made to say anything. The graph even showed you there's some trickery going on. The key at the bottom shows a date and time for the green graph and a red graph, yet there is no red graph.
  2. Ok… Question on bbk shorty headers

    I'm saying there is a reason a lot of truck guys go to 18+ Mustang manifolds, because they're better. Flowbench says it moves more air at all air speeds. It's up to tuning at that point.
  3. Ok… Question on bbk shorty headers

    So no flow bench data or anything tangible to be able to back that up, in other words you have no proof.
  4. Ok… Question on bbk shorty headers

    That a ported 18 Mani only makes a difference if you spin it to 7400.
  5. Aluminator Failure

    Good luck OP. Just put an LS in there and crank up the boost. At least those are cheap enough when they pop
  6. Corsa's New Track Exhaust: Sound Clips IN HERE!!

    I think I'll stick with what I have. Corsa already had good options. This just seems unnecessary.
  7. 2 Open recalls on a mustang a bad sign?

    Ford didn't issue the recall notice for manual cars. My brother in law got one for his, I did not. I heckle him about the auto then he walks away from me. Lol
  8. What COLOR PoP's and Stands Out on the Street the Most? Grabber Yellow,Race Red,Twister Orange ? ? ? ?

    On a bright day Rapid Red pops! I get compliments on the color fairly often.
  9. 2 Open recalls on a mustang a bad sign?

    I'd pass on it, pedal recall only affects auto's...
  10. Aluminator Failure

    You wouldn't think so. But his screen shot above shows Rob's thoughts on the false knock. Then it had no knock. Unless there's more to the story, and there usually is, they were at minimum turned down far enough to not see 'false' knock which probably wasn't false
  11. Aluminator Failure

    I have. I understand reading comprehension is a difficult task for you, but to summarize trying this on pump gas is not smart. Relying on octane booster is even less smart. Isn't that pretty much what you were saying? How do you explain pbd effectively disabling the knock sensors as being the...
  12. Aluminator Failure

    Only caveat is the tuner knew what the customer was planning. They knew the entire time. It’s hard to take up for PBD in this case because they knew he wanted a pump gas build with octane booster, they should have built a tune safe to run on 93 so the boostane was a safety net rather than a...
  13. On a scale of 1-10, how bad of an idea is buying a new S550 in the next 6 months, and other buying questions

    car seats make all the difference. Both of my boys ride in the back of my car. One 3 one 7. 3 year old sits behind me and I’m 6’2”.
  14. 2021 Mustang Gt flood damage?

    You hydrolocked it. The chances are pretty high that you’ll need a new engine, however, you could have gotten lucky and just need to pull the plugs and spin it over to push the water out through the spark plug holes. Hopefully you didn’t bend a rod or a valve or ten.
  15. Premium gas?

    You can run 87 or 93. The car will compensate for it. I've only ever used 93 in my coyote, until recently. No gas station near me has 93 from the fuel shortage a few weeks ago, it's starting to get annoying. I'd like to drive my other car but it has to have 93.
  16. What made you order or buy a new Mustang?

    For me it was I bought a new 2019 F150 xlt sport 5.0 for quite a large rebate and the covid hit. A friend of mine works at the dealer and called me asking if I would be interested in trading in my 5 month old truck, if not it's worth at least looking into. They gave me $43k on a truck I paid...
  17. Anyone else use their Mustang as a Touring vehicle?

    Having just got back from a 7 hour trip each way, My GT with PP1 was very comfortable. My AWE Exhaust was great, after 7 hours in the saddle I had no discomfort what so ever. Turned back 27 mpg with cruise at 80. Having had 2 C4's and a C5 I would have to agree about the C4 being a great road...
  18. Mufflers?! Who needs em?! ☠️🤘🏻

    the factory active system on c6/c7 is an excellent exhaust that doesn't have to be changed, If i would have had one of them I wouldn't change it. Mine were all too old for that, though.