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  1. Mustang Week is no more after 2022?

    Damn. This is a shame. I saw that they were going back to the mall, but missed the “final” part. I’ve been going since year 1 or 2 (can’t remember.. lol) until we moved in 2017. All of the new Stangs were all New Edge cars. Lots of NEW Cobras and Mach’s, a sea full of Fox Body cars. One of my...
  2. Pilot bearing removal?

    Make it easy and get a jaw puller and slide hammer. The old school tricks CAN definitely work but to a varying degree of success. On my old 4.6 GT I tried a couple and ultimately ended up getting a puller after driving myself insane LOL.
  3. How do you bleed the hydraulic clutch system ?

    That sucks but is also impressive!
  4. Strange noise at idle

    Yeah, pretty standard. That’s how the T-45 looks in my old GT. The MT-82 slave/TOB is fixed in place by two bolts and rides on the input shaft. There’s no release arm/lever since it’s actuated hydraulically.
  5. Strange noise at idle

    The original Ford part is “self bleeding” and as Vlad said requires some fancy footwork to eventually bleed the air from the line and build pressure. Exedy states theirs can be bench bled to jumpstart the process. A few other manufacturers make them, but I’m not sure if they’re able to be bench...
  6. Strange noise at idle

    Don’t feel bad, my car is only at 39k.
  7. Strange noise at idle

    Or we could call it a hydraulic throwout bearing. That’s why I related the two, since both are terms used often on here.
  8. Inquiring a 2015 Mustang GT

    Given the current market that’s not a bad deal. However, $31k for a 6 almost 7 year old vehicle isn’t great to begin with. That being said - overall these cars are pretty solid. EVAP core, intake manifold runner control failure seem to be the two major pain points of failures. The AC issue is...
  9. Strange noise at idle

    I’m having the exact same issue. Took it to a dealer and they “couldn’t replicate it”… LOL. That being said, I am fairly certain it’s the slave cylinder (aka throwout bearing). Are you having any issues shifting? Transmission has to come out to fix it. The part is about $150, labor is what...
  10. Clutch/Flywheel Suggestions?

    Thank you everyone for your input! @NightmareMoon what symptoms were you having prior to replacing yours?
  11. Non Car Families

    My family was a mix of both. Both of my grandfathers served in WWII and post war, one ran his own body shop and the other always had a general interest in cars My parents would tell me stories about them, but neither of them were really car people. My brother on the other hand was, and I blame...
  12. Clutch/Flywheel Suggestions?

    I am fairly certain I am experiencing a TOB/slave cyl failure. Since everything has to come apart, might as well ditch the stock clutch as well. Looking for everyone's feedback on a decent aftermarket clutch/flywheel setup. My car is near-stock, future plans likely full bolt-on, possibly...
  13. Spied: 2023 Ranger Pickup Front End Leaked First Look

    Looks like a scaled down F150. I like it.
  14. Do you rev at other Mustangs?

    I voted yes but it's circumstantial. I normally don't unless there's a mutual admiration of the cars, or someone revs first.
  15. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    Nice! Big change to say the least.
  16. Ford Wants To Suck More People Into 84-Month Loans

    They're probably betting on people that only hold a car 1-3 years, can't take not having a new car, trading it in and taking a huge loss of rolling negative equity into a new car as well. Noticed your location - my brother and his family used to live in Livermore. Nice areas!
  17. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    40k-80k +. That's good to know you haven't had any issues. My ST was the same way - like hardly any oil consumption, rarely would I need to add anything during a change. The only car I have seen rival that is my lady's Civic which literally doesn't move on the stick. However 140hp 1.8 is...
  18. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    Kinda hoping you'd reply, lol. That's a nice pair!! I'd love to have the same. There's one '18 in the area and it's a few grand less with way more miles. I do love the front diff is present in the 18, but I would forgo that to own a "lesser" RS. Lol.
  19. Mustang GT vs Focus RS (Ownership)?

    Has he had any issues with it? The ST/RS have "overboost" which is time-based, on a stock car once you've exceeded the threshold, there's a 20 second "countdown" before overboost can be hit again. That might be part of the boost drop he has. It is harsh. The drive modes change it, but yes...