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  1. Ford Mustang Tops 2021 Made in America Auto Index

    I guess you must be right. The home market is massive and is acclimatised to accepting any old shite. They don’t sell enough export ones to care about expectations elsewhere in the world.
  2. Ford Mustang Tops 2021 Made in America Auto Index

    My point is that Ford ensure a focus,fiesta,Ranger,puma etc are built properly. Whey don’t they bother with the mustang. I’m sure most buyers would elect to pay £1000 more for one that doesn’t fall apart or rust in 4 yrs
  3. Ford Mustang Tops 2021 Made in America Auto Index

    Sadly I’m reminded of the fact it’s made in America every time I drive mine and something goes wrong, rattles it falls off. Ford US desperately needs to take a tour of their other facilities world wide to see how they manage to build well made cars at a reasonable price in other parts of the...
  4. TO KEEP OR SELL ?????

    Don’t want to press that pedal too hard…. The rust / drive shaft nuts/ oil cooler will fall off
  5. TO KEEP OR SELL ?????

    I’m 6’2 and never had that issue before with other 4 door cars of similar overall dimensions. It’s almost like the back dooors are too long and the front too short.
  6. TO KEEP OR SELL ?????

    I’ve looked at a couple of those Alfa’s too. The interior is leagues ahead of the mustang as is the rest of the car. The thing that turned me off was the door opening gap designed only for 5’3 folks. I want doors 8” longer minimum so that when I look out the window at a right angle I see the...
  7. Engine is done/seized - 2019 Bullitt

    Anything is possible with poorly trained, underpaid, unmotivated workers.
  8. Another Ford Quality Example

    My fear on that one is that yes it Would be a better paint job, thicker paint, ceramic coated etc. But would the metal panels be different or would they be made on the same presses as the ones that oxidise after 4 yrs?
  9. Engine is done/seized - 2019 Bullitt

    crazy isn't it. I bought 2 of them from Rock Auto in the USA and had them shipped to the UK for less than the price of a new aftermarket filter here. they are approx $25 each from Rock, including shipping + tax etc. came to approx $100 total.
  10. Another Ford Quality Example

    hit the nail on the head there. A gt350 or gt500 is essentially a tuner car based on the cheapest thing they could find (don't get me wrong I would love either). So comparing a $120,000 gt500 with a $120,000 Porsche, the base price of the Porsche might be $90,000 vs the base mustang $30,000...
  11. Another Ford Quality Example

    You need to remember ford USA do not have a QC function at all! Check out a Spanish built ford and your mind will be blown. All the doors fit properly, bolts are tightened correctly and the paint is perfect.
  12. Rusting bodywork

    12 yr perforation warranty will cover aluminium panels oxidisation. Your dealer will tell you it’s not covered and you will need to email ford customer care etc. They will do it as a “good will gesture” rather than tell the dealers to do all mustangs under warranty. Cheaper for them as they...
  13. Question for tuning experts

    I got it good and hot today then put the mechanical vac gauge on the big port just behind the throttle body where a real gt350 connects its brake booster. She is reading a steady 23in/hg on the mechanical gauge so very strong! Happy now. I was just a bit concerned when I saw such low readings in...
  14. RHD Oil cooler upgrade with some pictures

    Can imagine the lhd Mach one uses the gt350 cooler. But that won’t work on a RHD rack so I suspect they use the stock GT rhd cooler, possibly supplemented by an air/oil rad. Until someone puts one on the ramps and photographs it we won’t know. The thought of fords doing a special part for a...
  15. DSS Driveshaft Updates?

    Do these one piece prop shafts help remove all the horrible slop and backlash in the drive line in the first couple of gears? My stock car feels like an old tractor in first and second.
  16. Question for tuning experts

    Checked the purge valve and it’s working as intended with no leak sadly. That would have been a nice easy fix
  17. Question for tuning experts

    It’s done 15,000 miles and it’s been run exclusively on shell v power 99 RON from new. All the plugs are the same colour suggesting no single cylinder is leaking more than any other. Lambda sensors on both sides of the motor show similar. I will check the o rings on the injectors and double...
  18. Question for tuning experts

    Thanks, that's hugely helpful. If memory serves, Shaun elevated my fuel trims very slightly to compensate for what he perceived to be a very very slight vac leak by observing my closed loop lambda readings/fuel trims, and now my long term trims read dead on zero most of the time. The fact that...
  19. Question for tuning experts

    How does the digital vacuum gauge calculate the vacuum? I have a gt350 IM and TB on a GT. My tuner (Shaun at AED) told me I had a vac leak on the remote tune. My digital vac gauge reads 15 in/hg which is low suggesting a leak. However I recently hooked up an analogue vac gauge to the inlet port...