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  1. Can a tuning shop lock your computer

    This is something that has been discussed ever since tuning the modern ECU cars started. The most common argument is that the tune is the tuners Intellectual Property, and thus they feel the locking is justified. That is something that is definitely open for interpretation. The other is to hide...
  2. Looking for upstream O2 sensors that can handle e85.. anyone try F150 o2 sensors or aftermarket?

    I have had the best luck with the Denso brand upstream O2. It is also the cheapest (15-17) on RockAuto lol.
  3. Front end suspension clunking

    Mine were perfectly fine, 35k miles on car. I took it to a shop when I was in Florida for work and they somehow trashed the ball joint. They should have not even had to touch it, but alas they did something.
  4. Front end suspension clunking

    Ball joint bad on one of the tension links. I had the exact same issue. You won't be able to feel the play in the ball joint until you remove it from the spindle.
  5. Handling

    I am not sure where in PA you are, but I live in northern WV on the border and frequent western PA roads often (work in Pittsburgh). I too wanted my car to be the same way. What I ended up doing suspension wise was the following.... BMR Handling Springs (these handle great, but be warned they...
  6. GT: Faster/better steering? Rack from GT350?

    The Steeda Roll Center arms and bumpsteer endlinks will tighten up steering feel significantly. I have gone from stock to adding those parts and BMR Handling springs/FRPP struts (basically same as GT350 non-mag suspension) and back to stock arms with those same springs. The difference is...
  7. Slotted rotor vendors and pricing

    For me it is purely aesthetics.
  8. Slotted rotor vendors and pricing

    I got all 4, slotted and dimpled for 320 shipped from rotorpro. Been using his parts for over 15 years now with no issues.
  9. Quick question(s) on STFT

    From what research I could do, it seemed that HPT had a better "knowledge base" to pull from via their forum. Now, if you know someone that is willing to "teach you" then your golden. I learned most of my tuning stuff back in the day networking with guys that were learning as well. We also had a...
  10. Quick question(s) on STFT

    Get on HPT Forums and read EVERYTHING @markmurfie posts. The learning curve on the coyote is steep compared to other things I have tuned, much more involved. I was able to get mine tuned and running fine on the stock injectors, but I get way to OCD on tuning and found myself spending more time...
  11. Help with emissions readiness

    In all seriousness, sell it, buy a drop in reusable filter (I like GreenFilters personally) and rock that. 15-17 may make sense to upgrade the intake being that it is smaller diameter (and that is probably up for debate), but 18+ shouldn't touch it unless you go boosted or CJ. If the 18+ stock...
  12. Help with emissions readiness

    You already put 280 down the drain buying the intake lol.
  13. Tension Links

    To follow up: Replaced the end links, tension links, and vertical links on both sides. Went with Mevotech OEM replacements w/ greaseable fittings. Passenger side ball joint on the tension link had a small amount of play in it, guessing this was my clunk as it is now fixed. All other parts...
  14. Ford performance Track Strut size

    I have the same struts and a 19x10 +40 with a 285/35/19. No rubbing.
  15. Are 2021 5.0s not Tuneable??

    They probably don't have all the tables populated yet in HP Tuners. That would be my guess.
  16. Help with emissions readiness

    Anyone that lives in an emissions area would be best served to not do any mod that would not allow a flash back to the stock tune or one that is CARB compliant. What a hassle.
  17. Quick question(s) on STFT

    0.83-0.85 lambda is normally where tuned Coyotes run NA at WOT. Short term trims can swing under sudden throttle changes, so if you see that its pretty normal. To scale the MAF one way is to disable the LTFT, start at a low rpm and slowly increase the rpms up to as high as possible while...
  18. Is this the right way to change my wheels?

    Your not kidding. I learned this on my Focus ST. What a pain in the ass they can be. The Mustang and the Escape both got aftermarket lugs first time I touched the wheels.
  19. What's the lowest speed you can cruise in 6 gear, MT6

    I have 3.73 with a 325/30/19, so shorter than stock. Works out to be almost 3.90 ratio with that tire IIRC. On a 15-17 I don't think I would want any more gear, sometimes I feel like it is too much as is. I use 6th regularly when cruising around 55-60. Any hill or need for acceleration and down...
  20. Tuning for dummies

    When he posted that in 2019 it couldn't. KAM reset was added in one of the later firmwares.