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  1. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Track day
  2. Ford Mustang Tops 2021 Made in America Auto Index

    You'd think that the 10AT would rank higher than the MT, as the latter transmission is made in China.
  3. After 40 years finally ready Mustang GT Convertible

    SMcQ drove a green Mustang, not an orange one.
  4. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    "Mischievous Purple" OMF this must be cooked up by some gender neutral women committee after the department of politically correct paint names dismissed Oil Slick Blue because it has the word oil in it.
  5. Stealth Edition 2022 Mustang Announced & California Special Adds GT Performance Package

    Whoops, how did I miss that! Damn little phone screens. So that makes the new CS even more Bullitt that I thought.
  6. Stealth Edition 2022 Mustang Announced & California Special Adds GT Performance Package

    No love here for that EB though, ain't nothing remotely steath about it.
  7. Stealth Edition 2022 Mustang Announced & California Special Adds GT Performance Package

    Ditto and ditto. Since the reengineered the Bullitt grille to hold that CS badge it would have been the same effort and cost to put a tribar pony on it. I don't like that they use the Mach-1 base wheels for the CS PP. Specific wheels were always what made CS stand out. It's a cost thing though...
  8. Steeda Sport springs too low? No gap- tire issue?

    Personally I think most lowering springs are just too low and these are a fine example of why. If I were to run springs my choice would be Steeda Minimal Drop. Low enough.
  9. Eruption green?

    I doubt that. If anything Deep Forest Green looks more like Dark Highland Green than like Eruption Green.
  10. Is Katzkin Leather better than the leather in the 401A Cars?

    You can't compare Recaros to the regular seats, base or premium. Your fellow countryman Jeremy Clarkson said it best in his review in The Times: "I suspect the seat leather came from a polyurethane cow."
  11. Steeda Trident Wheels Are Here! [05-21 Mustang]

    Let's just hope they come in other color(s) than just black.
  12. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    That's exactly what I put on my MR Bullitt as well.
  13. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    My cars are both coupes and I still own both so yeah I switch between Magneride and fixed regularly. But I think it's smart of you to wait and experience for yourself and not rely on what other people say.
  14. 2022 Mustang Ice White Edition Coming This Fall 2021

    It's truly doubtful that Ford will do Star White on the Mustang. This new edition would have been the perfect opportunity to introduce it, since they do use it on the Mach-E Ice edition. But they didn't and stuck with Oxford.
  15. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    On a convertible I would choose Magneride over any aftermarket setup every day. Simply because I like cruising in comfort in a convertible and if you want to stiffen stuff up occasionally MR does a pretty decent job. On my 2016 coupe I run a full Steeda/KW setup which handles better than my MR...
  16. Eruption green?

    It's always advisable not to have two similar but not the same colored cars next to each other. You will always favor one tint over the other, making the other car less desirable. Tell her that.
  17. 2022 Mustang Ice White Edition Coming This Fall 2021

    Why do you think 99% of all wheels are silver?
  18. Eruption green?

    I think this new Eruption Green has less blue in it than any of the Highland Greens and leans more toward British Racing Green. Anyway nice color, this should look ace on the Mach-1.