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  1. LOOKING FOR 50 Year Anniversary Chrome Window Trim (2015 Mustang)

    OP, if you're still looking and don't care if it's OEM, American Muscle sells the Speedform 50th anniversary style trim for less than $150. It may not be OEM, but it fits 9/10 for a fraction of what you were willing to pay and installs in about 30 minutes. And it's indeed shiny chrome. I was...
  2. Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    It's just a generic star lock washer...nothing Ford specific. Try your local hardware store.
  3. Leak at 18k Miles?

    Ditto, it's not uncommon. I had the same leak on my 2016. Luckily, killed 2 birds with 1 stone as they ended up replacing the block due to another common issue: head gasket.
  4. Turbo Blow Off Valve Adapter - yes / no?

    The factory diverter valve is a "real" blow off valve, not really sure what the logic behind saying it's not is. It just "blows off" right back into your intake stream from the factory. If you want to hear it rather than let it recirculate, you can disconnect the recirculation hose and cap the...
  5. Why Does One of These Plugs Look Different?

    Dealt with the same symptoms last year. Textbook signs of head gasket issue. I didn't think it was smoking on startup when it sounded like it was running on 2-3 cylinders temporarily, but set up my phone to record the exhaust when I started it and it was. Also of course started losing coolant...
  6. Clutch master cylinder DIY and other parts needed?

    Lastly, be careful/mindful of both switches on the clutch pedal. I didn't realize there was also a switch at the top of the pedal and when the pedal swung upwards upon removal of the master cylinder rod end, it popped apart that switch. Luckily, both of these switches function the same way and...
  7. Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    Just an update for the archives: found the 2nd switch at the top of the clutch pedal. Was popped apart since I let the clutch pedal extend to both extremes on the clutch spring without the master cylinder rod attached. Put the switch back together, confirmed both switches should have been...
  8. Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    Check out post #53. I was still able to download it the other day 👍
  9. Cruise set won't work

    Nevermind, was super easy to find and access without removing anything. As I had anticipated, that upper switch (cruise control deactivation switch) was popped apart. Unplugged it, looked it over to make sure all the pieces were there, reassembled it, and put it back in. Unfortunately, this...
  10. Cruise set won't work

    I just replaced my clutch master cylinder and I'm getting a no start situation unless I press the both brake and clutch and hold the start button through the entire cranking process. Then I get the wrench light that says see manual. Everything works fine otherwise. I just picked up a replacement...
  11. Clutch master cylinder DIY and other parts needed?

    For anyone looking for info later, the clutch master cylinder can be replaced without removing the entire pedal assembly. I was going to go ahead and take the whole thing out, but realized the blue plastic pin at the brake booster/pedal is a one-time use part the day I was going to do the job...
  12. Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    Just a heads up to anyone who only needs to replace their master cylinder, you can definitely do it without removing the entire pedal assembly. Just did mine in less than 3 hrs including r/r of the driver seat and I'm not the fastest worker. Two 5mm Allen bolts, whatever retaining clip you have...
  13. Clutch master cylinder DIY and other parts needed?

    No offense intended, but I'm pretty sure that's the series of videos I'm talking about haha. To be fair, I kind of scanned through them a little looking for key points and whatnot. I'll have to actually sit down and fully watch them. Thanks for doing that! Hopefully that clip is the retaining...
  14. Clutch master cylinder DIY and other parts needed?

    My clutch MC has been leaking fluid inside the cabin for a while now and I'm stuck footing a $700 dealer bill or just replacing it myself since a master cylinder isn't considered "powertrain" apparently :/ This is on an Ecoboost, but I doubt the process is any different for a GT. Anybody have a...
  15. Clutch/brake pedal assembly removal

    Just don't mutilate it too bad getting it off and you can reuse it. Worst case scenario, pretty sure you can pick one up at a hardware store.
  16. Tunes and smog, anyone had to get one yet?

    I bought a CARB legal supercharger kit for my Corvette and still went through hell with the state ref lol. It's amazing how nit picky, ridiculous, and illogical the system is here.
  17. Recommended shops in Inland Empire area?

    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for the future. I ended up taking it to the dealership because I wanted to make sure it got an OEM seal. Got it covered under my 3rd party warranty, but I'm on my own with the leaking clutch pedal. They wanted $700 to do the job lol. I just didn't want to get my...
  18. Tunes and smog, anyone had to get one yet?

    For sure, both of my recent loans have been through my credit union. Just be sure to do reasonably easy reversible mods and you're all good 👍🙂
  19. Tunes and smog, anyone had to get one yet?

    Interesting. I'm sure if you pushed the issue and showed them the DMV guidelines, the underwriter would probably waive that condition, but still a pain in the butt that you shouldn't have to worry about. Pretty wild.