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  1. South Carolina 2021 GT Premium Heated Steering Wheel with GT350 Gunmetal Inserts and Buttons $250

    I installed a GT350 steering wheel in my new 2021 GT/CS yesterday and I swapped over my buttons and brushed aluminum inserts so I am selling the OEM wheel along with the GT350 buttons which I didn't use and the darker gunmetal looking inserts that came with the GT350 wheel I bought. A few things...
  2. South Carolina 18-21 Quarter Window Matte Black Louvers $35

    Tried these for about a week and just wasn't my style. You will need to buy some 3m double sided tape to install these, I will ship them anywhere in the continental US.
  3. South Carolina 2021 California Special Tri-Bar Pony $50

    Fresh takeoff from my 2 month old GT, includes the original nuts that hold it onto the grille, this could be added to a wide variety of aftermarket grilles if you like that retro vibe. I will ship this anywhere in the continental US.
  4. South Carolina 2021 Oxford White Hood Vents $50

    My GT is 2 months old so these are flawless takeoffs. Keep in mind this is just the top piece since most third party options reuse the black plastic under plate and screws. If you got a paint chip or want to alternate colors this is perfect for you, will ship anywhere in the continental US.
  5. South Carolina 2021 Mustang GT Rear Lights $300 Shipped

    My GT is about 2 months old and I just removed the factory lights to install some Euros because I love the clear lenses. These are in perfect condition (have a little pollen on them in the picture sorry) and have the original harness and rubber grommet. Install on these in super easy plug and...
  6. South Carolina 2021 California Special Decklid Panel $150 shipped

    Fresh takeoff from my 2 month old Cali Special GT. I will include the factory clips so you have an extra set and I'll ship this anywhere in the continental US.
  7. South Carolina 2021 California Special Decklid, new takeoff for $150 Shipped.

    Clean takeoff with the original clips as pictured. I packed it up nicely in the box my new decklid came in and am prepared to ship it anywhere in the US for $150. Thanks!
  8. South Carolina For Sale New take off California Special wheels and tires $799.00 with buyer paying shipping.

    Less than 1000 miles and no cosmetic issues whatsoever. Would come mounted and include the OEM TPMS sensors. Wheel size is 19x9 and the tires are 255/35r19 P Zero Neros. Wheels can be picked up in northwest South Carolina. Located convenient to Charlotte and Atlanta.
  9. South Carolina OEM GT350 Track Spoiler

    thanks so much for the reply! How easy was it to install? Did you have the stock GT spoiler previously?
  10. South Carolina OEM GT350 Track Spoiler

    Did you end up buying this James?
  11. South Carolina OEM GT350 Track Spoiler

    Is this still available and does anyone know if it will fit the stock GT spoiler holes?
  12. My new 2019 Mustang GT

    Looks amazing! I have the same stock wheels on my 2020. I dipped them in matte black but would love something more permanent like this. Can you give any more details on how you painted them? Where you purchased the paint and how much it look, how you applied etc? Thanks in advance and welcome...
  13. West Virginia PP1 Wheels TPMS/Lugs Included

    Do you still have these?
  14. Virginia Like new black PP1 rim set(2+2) $550

    I want them so bad I would drive up from South Carolina. Not sure I can come up with the cash before you sell them but I'll keep on eye on this thread!