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  1. Maximum carrying weight

    if i can do it so can you
  2. best charge pipes with ATM intercooler?

    I'm running the MAP charge pipes with my ATM IC but honestly it doesn't really matter as far as fitment is concerned. If I had to do it over again though I would ask MAP for the cost on the charge pipes with the stock flange. So in other words not buying the BOV from them. I would then purchase...
  3. OEM Front Floor Mats

    $30 shipped? if so, PM me your paypal
  4. How to disable the Active Noise Control

    good vid simple and to the point... side note did anybody get suggested a video after boostangs of a guy putting e85 in his EB but failed to say if he even had an aux kit or was even tuned at all lol :shrug:
  5. Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    browses every week for power numbers ....... leaves disappointed :(
  6. ATM Intercooler

    one of the best IC's out there guys! i love mine. buy once and forget perfect for all setups
  7. Engine blew up

    Lets not forget another restriction in that there is still not a true plug and play, no controller needed e85 system out there.
  8. It's been awhile

    Nice! In for results
  9. Engine blew up

    Nice! Glad you asked for advice it's sometimes hard seeing all options when right in the moment. Keep us updated on the process and final cost.
  10. Engine blew up

    Nah. was he running a 93 or e30 tune?
  11. Engine blew up

    If you 100% plan on keeping it stock and not modifying I would just buy from Ford. If you were to continue modding etc. I'd go built, which is what i plan on doing if this were to happen to me just my personal take on it though. You can always buy used as discussed above but you lose that...
  12. Engine blew up

    well what kind of warranty do you get if the dealership does the purchase and install?
  13. 15 Ecoboost CEL P0054/0141

    exhaust leak somewhere? ... check/retighten the entire assembly starting at the beginning of the downpipe at the exhaust side of the turbo manifold. My car did the same found out its sensitive to even the slightest ones and will throw a code.
  14. 12.32 @ 113.20 simple bolt ons and 260 gt plus

    high 11 sec trap speed there.. you can do it!!
  15. Oil Separators

    thats a good point if I had the TSB done I would probably get a lot less in there but since the install the PCV has been gutted
  16. Oil Separators

    No problem yes the dirty side catch can is a different story lots of oil captured so much so I bought an EZ Oil Drain Valve to help cleaner and faster emptying well worth the price IMO
  17. Oil Separators

    i have the clean side catch can and my exhaust tips are still black i have a hi-flow cat so that may make a difference FWIW my clean side catch can hasn't caught any oil since installing(15k miles) kinda annoying tbh for the money spent but whatever
  18. Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    has anybody actually dyno'd there car yet? -.-
  19. First Impressions VTT stage 2

    nice! the oil drain line is the most difficult for me to deal with idk how people can screw it back on to the turbo from that angle...
  20. VTT Stage 2 Twin Scroll results, FINALLY!!

    Once the turbo is off, Just to swap out the housing itself was about a 20 min process and that was without using any penetrating fluid (I didn't have any but I recommend you get some) so I pretty much just went to town with a rubber mallet. Then it separates... line up the new housing clamp and...