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  1. Why did you buy a Mach1? What do you use it for?

    I love this picture!!!!!
  2. I’m joining the ranks of those with a Mach 1 delayed

    Just got notice that my Franklin Mint Mach 1 which was originally supposed to ship nov 8th is now delayed until the week of nov 21st. it appears that supply issues are plaguing Mach 1’s of all sizes!
  3. Is my HP spoiler coming off?

    @doritoking Here’s a few pics I just took. The last 2 are of the passenger side where it meets the trunk. I was able to apply some pressure to tighten up the gap a tiny amount but it also pushes down on the trunk pretty hard to do so. It looks like it’s not an issue of mine coming loose, more...
  4. Exhaust tip cleaner?

    I have this in my detail supplies. Haven’t used it before so can’t give any opinions as to what it does. Thinking about giving it a try though
  5. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    If there was a fix for the warning light, couldn’t you remove the belts entirely with that plastic piece still attached to the belt? Pull it all out at once and avoid any cuts?
  6. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    What plastic would you have to cut? I think the FR kit comes with replacement pieces for where the belt comes out at the top. I’ve seen a part number for it at least when trying to piece this kit together before I realized it was sold as a kit. Wouldn’t you be able to uninstall belts and...
  7. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    Hopefully there’s a fix because I’d love to add this to my car.
  8. Is my HP spoiler coming off?

    When I get home tonight I’ll take some pictures from the same angle as yours to compare. Maybe that will help get to the bottom of this. I think my spoiler might be the same as yours
  9. Is my HP spoiler coming off?

    I’m curious as to the black thing you’re talking about. I can’t see it on my phone in your pictures. It should be held on by fasteners and adhesive, the double sided automotive tape I’m sure. I think due to loose tolerances and the materials being used there is unfortunately some wattage on the...
  10. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    Stop. You’re bringing back horrible childhood memories that I have tried to repress. The day I found out that the WWF was fake it was like my whole life had been a lie. Up until about age 12 I binge watched that garbage, only to find out they were actors. :angry:
  11. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    Do you know of any fix for those of us that want to add the FR kit? I don’t want the light on the dash for the belts!
  12. Is my HP spoiler coming off?

    I think that’s normal unfortunately. I’ve seen comments about this in the gt500 sub forum.
  13. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    let us do it in this thread and maybe it will keep it from spreading to another.......for now :giggle:
  14. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    '21 lucky for mach 1 owners that couldn't get the rear seat delete from the factory :cwl:
  15. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    This is still the part I struggle with. My on earth would the dealer not just fix this and move on. Do you really want to potentially piss off a customer over a broken wire? I recently had an issue with a throttle body connector that had a broken tab. I noticed it when installing my Ford racing...
  16. 22 GT and Mach down 10hp… Is this true?

    ah yes I remember now! Good luck on your Mach order I hope you get it!! I’m not sure voting alone is going to solve the issues we have with the political class but I’ll tread very carefully with where I take that thought :giggle: the only thing I’ll say regarding the issue of climate change is...
  17. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    you should start a pro Bono legal practice that represents modified car guys like us lol. I find it odd that something that is a known issue and relatively minor would force a service manager to get an ok from a regional person. It wasn’t like OP needed a replacement motor. In my experience...
  18. Who’s Ordered a 2022?

    For ‘21 ford was not accepting HP orders this early. I wasn’t until the first week of the jan that you could actually order the HP in the system. You should double check with your dealer that this has changed for ‘22 and you are in some kind of queue just to make sure. Would t want to see you in...
  19. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    If the wires are damaged changing the fuse isn’t going to fiz in practice the magnuson moss act isn’t worth much. All the manufacturer has to do is deny the warranty and you are then in a position of having to prove other wise. There are very few repairs that are more expensive than the cost of...
  20. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    It’s a bullshit excuse being that it’s a known warranty issue with active exhaust. But at the same time I see where Ford has an out. Hard to prove that during the install the rear section of the exhaust was supported adequately to put stress on those wires. Also there wasn’t an issue until after...