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  1. Rear Seat Delete Pics

    I dont think you'll find many.
  2. PPF/Ceramic Coatings on Mach 1 Stripes...?

    My entire Mach is Wrapped, so is my buddies. Mine I removed hood stripe and and badges, left side stripe. His has all stripes and badges. Mine is Suntek Reaction, which is a Si02 coated film, so pre ceramic coated. Requires maintenance to coating like any ceramic does. Buddies is the same, but...
  3. Is it normal for a steering wheel to do this on a "stiff" car on certain roads?

    Both my 2021 pp1 and 2021mach1 will occasionally do this
  4. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Yup all badges are just stickers
  5. New Mach 1 Comparison Reviews: vs GT (CarExpert) and BMW M4 (Everyday Driver)

    Yah I can understand the argument either way, I guess it depends on intended purpose. For me, I bought it for a track car/sunday driver in addition to other summers cars/trucks I have.
  6. New Mach 1 Comparison Reviews: vs GT (CarExpert) and BMW M4 (Everyday Driver)

    man that sucks. The Mach1 without a handling pack doesnt make any sense to me, but im biased
  7. Why did you buy a Mach1? What do you use it for?

    I’d like to get a scope of why owners bought the Mach1, and what options did you get? What’s your use with the car?
  8. New Mach 1 Comparison Reviews: vs GT (CarExpert) and BMW M4 (Everyday Driver)

    Any review I see of a Mach 1 that does t have a handling package is a shame
  9. M4 v mach1

    Shame they didn’t get a handling pack car with a manual
  10. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Your gonna want that warranty, likely an X press car. I’m sure it’s had an interesting 7000miles
  11. My Custom "NIGHTWING" 2021 Mustang GT is done!

    They should sell that from factory like that
  12. Tire dilemma - WWYD?

    I think tire life on track is also really dependent on the track itself.
  13. Tire dilemma - WWYD?

    Tough call, there isn’t many options in our sizing. Goodyear supercar3 are not available. I’ll be running 315s square when the time comes my plan is to try the RT66O on the Mach, I had them on my track driven GT and really like them
  14. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Yes, the Mach 1 has the ford adjustable camber plates. They maxed out at around 2.5degrees, but I set them to 2.0 to see how the car likes that. I can tell you I will be adding more, likely when I add the pads, fluid, and lines. I live in Canada, so our seaosn is coming to and end any day.
  15. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Cant remember the toe, but car is aligned to -2 degrees camber all 4 corners, obviously with camber plate bolts removed up front.
  16. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    So I like gradual modifications so I can see the actual results on track. Now with that being said, Both my GT and Mach had horrible on power issues in low gear due to all the bad design in the rear suspension. So its first track day did have Full steeda stop the hop ultimate kit(same as GT)...
  17. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Fresh from PPF and it’s first track day. Completely different car on track compare to my modified PP GT. Match my PB on track in my first session.
  18. Thinking of going from a GTPPP to a GT350, not SRSBSNS but will autocross - input?

    Pardon my ignorance if this isn’t viable, but have you considered a Mach1?
  19. H pipe and resonators w/active?

    Hey everyone, my previous GT had active exhaust, put an H pipe on and didnt like it’s mid/full throttle note, so put factory resonator back on. new Mach 1, considering maybe an H pipe and adding some vibrant resonators, has one done this and have a sound clip? thanks