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  1. 2021 GT500 For Sale at Local Dealership

    Many will disagree but $10K over for a CFTP? Someone will be very happy with that price (other than the dealer).
  2. 74 miles and already totalled

    Looks like driver air bag deployed - wires coming from the steering wheel.
  3. 74 miles and already totalled

    Yeah that orange one seems like a money pit. The blue one would be okay if you have the skills to do body work. Unfortunately I don't have those skills.
  4. New at cosco

    Thanks I found it on e-bay.
  5. Finally Got To The Track

    Nothing wrong with those times. I'd take them. Only time I've ever done the strip is at the Track Attack.
  6. New at cosco

    Where did you find that one? I'd love to see it.
  7. Shelby GT500 : The Everyday Racecar

    Damn it that was cool.
  8. Trailer a GT500 CFTP

    Look at the Trailering Thread. I went through this same thing. Pretty easily done just have the wood planks.
  9. How to repair exposed carbon fiber wheels.

    Funny you say CF in a safe room. Mine are in storage right now but will be coming back on the car shortly.
  10. GT500 Dealership Oil Change Cost

    Yeah, the almost 12 quarts of oil itself is 1/2 the cost.
  11. How to repair exposed carbon fiber wheels.

    Couple of comments here. Outstanding job. Not enough superlatives. Wow. Hope I never need to do this. I was one of those that bought a set of aluminum wheels. I don't regret it as having a second set of wheels/tires is a must for us track dudes - you just never know. With this information...
  12. Gt500 and FordPass question

    I think it rides great just around town but be prepared. This is a track car that you can drive on the street. Mileage will vary of course but if you're asking the question you need to think about your choice of daily drivers. I'd say no more than 200 miles on a tank of gas and it is premium...
  13. How many miles you got?

    2020 GT500 CFTP Delivered July 2020 2100 Miles
  14. Caliperfexion socket (9/16" 12 point star drive!?)

    Been a rough couple of weeks. You guys crack me up. Thanks for that.
  15. Trailering

    Looks great. Can also use a 2x12 under the front driver tire to get that extra clearance. Then you're not off centered with the tow.
  16. Thinking About a GT500...

    Thanks. Ordered.
  17. Thinking About a GT500...

    I wasn't at the NASA event but did a couple days with PCA. Yes without that negative camber those tires will get eaten up quickly at Gateway but brakes will last forever. I can say that turn 7 and the oval are the worst. I've burned a front tire a day without the negative camber. Other...
  18. Thinking About a GT500...

    Though not COTA related I thought I'd chime in with my few days of HPDE experience. I've done 2 days at Gateway near St. Louis. Car is way too much for this track. Still fun but you can't really open it up. Brakes will last all day, heat not an issue, adding the -2 degrees of camber or so is...
  19. New Car Day!

    Your car is gorgeous!!!!! Be brave and do the installs yourself. I did mine, yes it took a couple of hours but very rewarding and you'll know how things are put together. It isn't hard at all.
  20. My Father’s Day cake !

    Love it! I got to mow the lawn so kinda the same thing :giggle: