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  1. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    I finally got to see FJG in person when they brought some to the Houston Barrett Jackson auction. It looks much better in person. In pictures it always just looks white, but it is much more distinctly grey in person.
  2. Non Car Families

    Hey everyone. I just placed my order for my first mustang ever today (thanks Jay @Granger!), ending a long streak of very boring Hondas. It was a weird moment of juvenile rebellious nervousness, because I was raised in a family that believed absolutely that cars were appliances, and taking an...
  3. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    The guide says black and white, so I’m assuming it will look like the stripes on the velocity blue ‘21 M1. Personally I think they should have done black and yellow stripes with green, like with the original green Mach 1s, but oh well. Imma still buy one 😊
  4. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    Incidentally “Smog Dodge” is what they’re naming the next version of the Hellcat. 😂
  5. '22 Model Year information

    Yeah, I’d really like to see a rendering of the Eruption Green Mustang. I know exactly how I think the Mach 1 should look with the stripes in my head, but haven’t seen anything official
  6. '22 Model Year information

    Orders are still closed unfortunately
  7. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    Sorry for the dumb noob question, but what does it mean on the order sheet when it says “delayed availability”? That Eruption Green Mach 1 is tempting me like a siren’s song, I just want to know what I’m getting myself into
  8. Buy from Granger. It’s worth the effort

    I can’t wait to place my order with Jay. Not a novel realization, but he has been 100x better to work with than any dealership within 100 miles of me.
  9. Where are the 2022 Mustangs?

    I don’t know how they expect people to wait till December to order, because then you’re not actually getting the car until June or July next year. And that’s just insane.
  10. Largest Markup Yet!

  11. Where are the 2022 Mustangs?

    *sigh* what I figured. But I got excited for a solid three seconds lol.
  12. Where are the 2022 Mustangs?

    Very odd update. A local dealer I Had talked to just emailed to let me know they were now accepting orders on ‘22 Mach 1s. Is anybody else hearing this? I haven’t seen any updates from Granger or anybody else
  13. Four door Mustang?!?

    I bet they would try to call it a “four-door coupe” like those German guys. So they can claim it’s just a variant. If they actually make one.
  14. Who's sick & tired of 'cancel culture' drop a comment here

    It has been, consistently in the US. TMI has been our only commercial accident and nobody has died from it. The only commercial deaths we've had in this country have been no different from deaths from other forms of energy. For example, around 2012 a nuclear plant in Arkansas accidentally...
  15. The EPA sues Ez- link diesel tuning company, get ready for the coming tide.

    Hello; A question has been on my mind for some time. There were rules on the books long ago which in effect stated a car had to have the emissions equipment which came from the factory. I think the first emission equipment was put on cars in 1969. It has been my thinking for many years the cars...
  16. Where are the 2022 Mustangs?

    I’m still not sure where the October 11th date came from that everyone keeps repeating. I asked Jay at Granger and it has not been confirmed to them yet?
  17. Flat Rock down AGAIN next week! (Week commencing 4th Oct)

    This reminds me of an argument (stupid, I know) I got in with a Ford dealer a few weekends ago when I tried to order a Mach 1 and they tried to spring a markup on me. “Well it’s because they’re so exclusive and rare right now.” No, they’re not exclusive and rare, Ford just isn’t doing a good job...
  18. Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Can’t wait to get mine ordered! It’s like waiting for Christmas
  19. '22MY Mustang colors (including paint codes)

    “You can get it in any color you want as long as it’s black” Ford’s going back to its roots 🤣
  20. Mach 1 Ordering Update

    This may be a really dumb question, but why would Ford keep producing its “performance” car in the factory that can’t work with performance tires for a chunk of each year? They have assembly plants in other parts of the country. Seems kinda like trying to run a waterpark in Anchorage