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  1. Being denied warranty work because of an H-pipe.

    I say take it to a different dealer. Installing an H-Pipe does not mess with the harness or motors for the active exhaust. The dealer that I take my car to knows I have a full exhaust and they said that they would warranty if the motors stop working.
  2. Glasses drawer

    That's not what the instruction I posted state but if your feeling kinda kinky you in the wrong forum :facepalm:
  3. Glasses drawer

    Below are instructions on what the key can be used for and how to start your car if the key fob battery is dead. PDF 3 only applies to you if you have a convertible.
  4. Glasses drawer

    Do you know what the key in the fob is used for besides opening the glove compartment? Also in case your fob runs out of battery do you know how to start your car?
  5. Pennsylvania Cup 2’s, 305/30 and 315/30

    When you ready to sell that Mach 1 let me know. Please take it easy on the miles. LOL
  6. Software change

    To be honest doesnt matter where the car is going as hardware is all the same so changing it to american software for the dash will just give you MPH and PSI for the readings. You will be fine.
  7. Software change

    If you are just looking to have American base maps and software for the infotainment they you could use
  8. Software change

    What are you trying to change? the infotainment, dash or both? Its all programing so if the car comes from Europe here I dont see why the dealer couldnt flash the USA software.
  9. Pennsylvania Cup 2’s, 305/30 and 315/30

    Just keep on mind that the cups 2 suck in any cold or wet weather and they wont last you more than 10,000 miles without tracking it.
  10. Pennsylvania Cup 2’s, 305/30 and 315/30

    What wheels to put on your Mach 1?
  11. Pennsylvania Cup 2’s, 305/30 and 315/30

    Its been happening, just 2 weeks ago I saw the Michelin PS4S go from $305 for 275/40ZR19 and the next day it jumped to $359 and the fronts were $286 and now its $308
  12. California WTB Squared Apex EC-7/SM-10 Wheels or Others 18x10/19x10/19x11

    This guy is selling what you are looking for
  13. Help! Chattering sound after I bought used roush stage 3 car

    if it doesn’t happen all the time then it’s not the engine. Doesn’t sound like the infamous tick but it does sound like clutch chatter. Listen below to the engine tick
  14. Help! Chattering sound after I bought used roush stage 3 car

    It could be your AC Compressor as I think I heard the clutch catch. Turn the AC off and see you still hear the same sound
  15. About to find the limits of stock.

    but wouldn’t running gt350 axle cause you to also run the gt350 hubs and brake kit? I rather just get beefier axles that are made for the GT
  16. Really JLt? $80 shipping on $20 parts

    Ohh it’s free shipping to my address. Let me know