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  1. 2022 Losing 10hp

    And only then can the climate get back to not changing.
  2. My first Mustang! Finally!

    "Mustangs are tough cars, Ponyboy." - Johnny Cade
  3. chirp coming from vert top well

    Good work. This is why I love this place.
  4. chirp coming from vert top well

    Disheartening to hear that grease didn't work.
  5. chirp coming from vert top well

    The Coyote makes it all worthwhile.
  6. chirp coming from vert top well

    I"m not sure if its a tiny bird or a mouse but when I drive bumpy roads (90% of the roads in America) there is a chirp coming from what I believe is the top well. there is no chirp when the top is up which leads me to believe that I should probably put the top partially up and start greasing the...
  7. 2019 GT feels sluggish!

    The A-10 is magic. I test drove both fully expecting to get the manual but I found the manual underwhelming and the automatic absolutely perfect. Having said that if you aren't smooth on the throttle you might want to drive the auto in normal mode instead of sport or track. Take the advice of...
  8. Stop the hop shows the ride

    Thanks. Will any of the following spacers work for the back?: 1/8th, 1/4th or 3/4th. I'm assuming it's just a matter of ride height. As far as the front goes, how much lower will the front splitter be to the ground?
  9. Top Speed

    You're crazy.
  10. Favorite ONE mod that you have done.

    About how many miles ago was the install and what that cost with the tune if you don't mind me asking. Also, do you have the manual or the A10?
  11. Stop the hop shows the ride

    I have a 2019 vert, which springs would you recommend? I have 20 inch wheels and I don't want the ride to necessarily get stiffer for normal cruising, will that be a problem?
  12. Favorite ONE mod that you have done.

    Any horsepower gain?
  13. My new (to me) 2017 GT350! Love this car!

    Love it. The more subtle the stripes the better. I wish they would've made the 350 in a vert version.
  14. Should I wait for 2022' model year and be $6500 lighter to get my hands on a Mustang GT Performance Package in MA?

    Don't wait, you're wasting time not living with that GT shit eating grin. The sound, the sound.
  15. Financial decision having regrets now

    The Ford Lightning F150 looks amazing, especially if you're a tailgater.