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  1. Selectable Steering Modes (Normal, Sport & Comfort) All seem Stiff

    The key word seems to be ’slightly’ — you should probably only notice a difference at low speeds.
  2. MPG's - 2019 Mustang Convertible GT Premium

    That sounds about right.

    Team Ford has both a 350R ($10k ADM) and a 500 CFTP ($20k ADM). I saw them on the sales floor while I was waiting for my GT to get serviced. The R is beautifully understated while the CFTP is in-your-face.
  4. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Ugh, tell me about it. But the active exhaust is worth the headache.
  5. Mach 1 vs Gt350 (Track Performance)

    No need to wait for the Mach 1. The A10 GT already does that.
  6. No one likes my 2018 GT

    Soooo, Interstate on-ramp up to the speed limit. At least in the western states.
  7. Annoyed with the attention

    My wife calls it the ‘Mustang mating call.’
  8. 2018 Mustang vs. Nissan Leaf

    MR requires PP1.
  9. Question about seats

    Take it in for warranty repair?
  10. S550 Road Tripping (Leave your long distance pros and cons)

    ‘99 GT vert, WDC<-->Las Vegas round trip. Twice. The trick to packing is DON’T USE FULL SIZE SUITCASES!
  11. John Gruden

    This is Las Vegas business as usual. Nobody here cares.
  12. To stock or not to stock....?

    Q: What do you have after you mod a Mustang? A: A Mustang.
  13. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Hmmmmm... No permission.
  14. Watch this Ford Video pretty cool and have we been ICED?

    Ford already has the Mustang Lithium show car.
  15. New Mustang GT PP1 or New BMW M4 with Competition Package?

    In that case, the oil baron should have offered the GT500 CFTP...
  16. TOTALLY Off Subject - For Dog Lovers

    Over the rainbow bridge... We do the same with borzoi. We have two rescues (one is my wife’s service dog) and we foster for the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation. Have fun with the new one!
  17. NEED HELP - Wife complaining about her "new" car

    Beyond what timeframe? If the Ford dealer didn’t disclose the mods, it could be considered fraud.
  18. Dodge is killing it for 2021 Redeye vs GT500

    Isn’t that what a for-profit corporation supposed to do?