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  1. is it limp mode or what?

    Actually Lund refused to turn it off.
  2. Good news for ICE enthusiasts.

    We may have been fighting the wrong enemy. - George S. Patton
  3. OEM Mustang Trunk Mat...

    This is what I did. It was 95 to 110 throughout the month of August down here, and it couldn't have taken more than a few days for the mat to flatten out in the trunk.
  4. RPMs in an A10 GT

    Put the shifter in "S" instead of "D"
  5. Good news for ICE enthusiasts.

    We even offered asylum to the best Nazi scientists and engineers if they agreed to come work for us. If you've never read up on it, look into Operation Paperclip. If they'd had more time and resources who knows how differently the war would have played out.
  6. Good news for ICE enthusiasts.

    I didn't get to finish it before work called me out, hence why I asked.
  7. Good news for ICE enthusiasts.

    How expensive to make is this synthetic gasoline?
  8. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    Centrifugal superchargers don't have the heat soak problems PD blowers do, and can blast away on a road course no problem. They'll still get hot if you stay in boost for long periods of time, but you're not constantly in boost on a track.
  9. Should i twin turbo a GT mustang or buy a GT350

    Buy a GT and put a centri blower on it. Easy install, cheaper than twin turbos, way less maintenance, great power and you still get that impeller woosh. If you get a loud BOV most people will think you have turbos anyway.
  10. What is this slapping sound?

    It's the bolt that holds the crank pulley to the crank shaft. It is vibrating loose while driving, most especially if I go past 3500rpm and enter boost. It needs to be tightened down after every drive or it keeps getting worse. Maybe try a different bolt? I'm not sure what the shop put in there...
  11. Mustang Driver Dies In Fiery Crash

    Just the kind of friend everyone needs, the type to run away and leave you to burn alive.
  12. Do you eat inside your mustang?!

    Never. My wife would flip a lid if she caught someone eating in my car. She's more meticulous about it's appearance than I am!
  13. What is this slapping sound?

    The crank pulley definitely loosens and starts making that noise again after getting into boost. I tighten it down when parked but it'll only stay tight for so long. I thought maybe the bolt was sized wrong? I also saw this topic and hear what you're saying about having an incorrect pulley...
  14. What is this slapping sound?

    I'd be more than surprised if they agreed to replace anything since there's a supercharger on it.
  15. What is this slapping sound?

    I tightened down everything that had a bolt and it ended up being the crank pulley making the sound. It was fine until a spirited drive and now the sound has returned. Could something be wrong with my crank pulley? There's only 4800 miles on it.
  16. What is this slapping sound?

    Thanks for the reply, I'll have to check that in the morning.
  17. What is this slapping sound?

    Started my car up and noticed a slapping sound that wasn't present the day before. Drove around for a while and sound remains. I recorded a short video after I got home. What is this?
  18. Hurricane Ida

    Thanks for your thoughts. I'm in Louisiana and still living in an RV after the last two hurricanes that hit Louisiana destroyed my house. We're all in the same capsized boat down here, but we're Louisiana strong! 💪
  19. Best cold air intake for power

    We have a necromancer among us.
  20. Got rid of the GT and got myself a real car!!

    This right here. What the heckin heck?